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How to Cleanse and Activate your Crystals

After a time of accompanying you in all your steps, your quartz and crystals are filled with negative energies and become dim. Somehow they lose strength, and their protection capacity decreases a bit.

If it is a quartz that you always carry, you will feel uncomfortable wearing it. They will also become dull or full of cracks. Then you will know it will be time to clean them and recharge them with good energy. If you have been with your quartz and crystals for a long time, you will know the right moment when they are overloaded, and you should clean them. You must be aware of how your quartz and crystals are; otherwise, they will lose their power without you noticing.

Now, cleaning your quartz and crystals and recharging them are different processes; there are other methods for both cases. But here we show you how to do it.

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Cleaning – Crystals

Agua Although it is one of the best methods to clean crystals and quartz, not all are suitable for contact with water due to their minerals. Therefore, research their properties before cleaning them with water; if possible, wash them under running water.

It is recommended that they should be cleaned with spring, river, or stream water—a source of water direct from nature. If you don’t have that possibility, tap water is fine. As an additional tip, you can leave them on your window in the rainy season to clean them; You can also collect rainwater in a bowl. With this, your quartz and crystals will be free of energy charge. It is only for a few minutes, and let them dry naturally.

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Lignum Vitae or White Sage

This is an air-based energetic cleanse. Your quartz and crystals will receive this element very well. To perform the cleaning, you must light the Palo Santo or the sage and pass the smoke several times around your quartz. Always circular and to the right.

When you take your quartz and crystals in your hands, do it gently and free yourself along with your quartz. If you don’t have Palo Santo or sage, sandalwood or cedarwood incense works very well. You can repeat your most trusted blankets or manifestation phrases as you cleanse.

Purification Visualization

This cleansing will require a few minutes of meditation or a small ritual with a couple of scented candles and cinnamon incense.

Take the quartz or crystal in your hands and immerse yourself in meditation. Do some breathing exercises and connect with the energy your quartz has stored and how you begin to release it. This cleaning is more profound and more personal sense; at the same time, you will be creating a bond between you and your quartz. This quartz and crystal cleansing also tells your quartz what you expect and how you would like it to protect you.

Recharge – Crystals

Sunlight Solar energy is too powerful, so not all quartz and crystals can be charged in sunlight. Those like rose or white quartz have naturally feminine energies, so that direct sun exposure can affect them. Solar waves can interfere with your natural energy field.

Even non-feminine quartz and crystals like obsidian or citrine. Use for financial abundance, catharsis, or good fortune, are also affected by too much sunlight. So to recharge them with this element, you only need to put them in the sunshine, in a corner on your coffee table, or on your bed where sunlight is sufficient, and only for a couple of hours.


Full Moon Light

Locate the full moon nights on the calendar and recharge your quartz and crystals with their light. Let them bathe in the energy of the moon, which in addition to having great magnetism, has the power of empathy, understanding, clarity, and emotional balance.

If you have a bottle of quartz, you also need to recharge it with full moonlight. The soft magnetism of the full moon will leave your quartz and crystals ready for you. Do not let the light of dawn touch them; set the alarm to remove them from the lunar exposure before birth.


Thanks to the musical frequencies and the power of the vibrations. Your quartz and crystals will gradually free themselves from energy overload. Music is not only beneficial for people, plants, or animals. Specific frequencies and melodies also recharge your quartz and energy crystals. With these methods, you will always have your quartz and crystals ready to protect you and fill you with abundance.

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