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Belvita is Healthy Cookies?

Belvita Cookies: Enjoy premium ingredients with these Belvita Biscuits (20 pk.).
How much fiber do you get in a serving of these breakfast cookies?

These belVita Cookies are packed with nutrition, providing three grams of dietary fiber per serving and just 8 grams of fat. A single packet of belVita biscuits provides a 50 gram serving and four delicious biscuits. belVita nutrition experts suggest that Blueberry Breakfast Cookies are a nutritious snack that can keep you energized until your next meal.
Are there natural ingredients in belVita cookies?

Yes, you get 18 grams of whole grains in each serving, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, no high levulose corn syrup, and no partially hydrogenated oils. You’ll love the delicious texture of these high-fiber oats and the tangy flavor of real blueberry with every bite.
Do these belVita Cookies travel well? Can these be put in a lunch box or briefcase?

belVita cookies are design for your on-the-go lifestyle. Although they are describe as breakfast bars, belVita is an ideal snack option for any time you want a healthy option.
Are these belVita cookies smooth in texture or crispy?

Carefully baked to reserve the nutrients in the grains, these cookies have a delicate crispy. Crunchy texture that will satisfy your cookie craving without added sugars, fat, or low-nutrient ingredients. They’re a great alternative for dessert, and delicious when paired with other healthy options like yogurt or fresh fruit.

Perhaps you are Wondering why Belvita Cookies?

First, I love them; they are crispy and delicious! I also love that they are a nourishing and convenient option.

belVita Breakfast Biscuits are made with carefully select grains and a slow baking process to maintain and protect the slowly release carbohydrates. (Read about this later!)

Additionally, belVita Breakfast Biscuits provide 14 to 22 grams of whole grains per 50-gram serving, 2 to 4 grams of dietary fiber per serving, and a good source of B vitamins and iron. And they have no fake

colors or flavors.


Belvita Cookies – The Nourishing Energy

This carbohydrate takes longer to digest, providing a constant 4-hour nutritional energy.

So the next time you need a leisurely breakfast, fuel yourself in the morning with steady, nutritious energy with belVita Breakfast Biscuits.

A balanced breakfast can provide the energy needed to keep things going in the mornings. By the way, I need that energy and positive vibes for those busy days.

Belvita Cookies – What is this Product about?

Belvita is a brand that already exists in the market and that we seek to offer for breakfast as part of a healthy diet that will give energy. However, as of this year, Belvita has become a focused brand for Kraft Foods, which means innovation and investment to position it.


Is the Product Import, or is it Produce in Colombia?

Kraft Foods is a North American company, but Belvita is produce in Lima (Peru), where the Oreo and Club Social brand of cookies are also produce and export throughout Latin America. From there, the Product is brought to the national territory. In Colombia, we only have the gum and candy plant, which we export to the region.

How is your Participation in the Country?

Currently, there is a nationwide distribution. But, there is something particular in Colombia, especially in the segment of healthy cookies, and that is that people in Bogotá and Antioquia are the ones who consume the Product the most and, therefore. It is where the segment is most developed.


What Reach do they Hope to Have?

We are looking for 20% of the participation in the media within. What is invest in the category of healthy cookies and being the first option for consumers. In addition. We hope to reach the entire country, but due to market terms. We believe there will be a more excellent workforce in Bogotá and Antioquia.

How to Compete against Positioned Cookies Such as Tosh or Saltine?

We produce a cookie designed by nutritionists, and that is our leverage. Added to this are the ingredients, made up of oleic oil and whole-grain cereals, good for health. So that is our comparative advantage over other brands.


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