Diet and Fitness: The time of year arrives when the heat begins, and we show our body more. Either in our daily lives or when we go to the beach or the pool, and we have to put on a bikini. As in every season, the rush to see ourselves in shape begins. And the reality is that it is never too late to propose a change of habit that is beneficial for our health. Next, we give you the keys to the two main aspects that will allow you to see results: an adequate eating plan and adding physical activity to your life.

Diet and Fitness l Nutrition

The nutrition specialist points out that most people are looking for the quick. The magical. Still, the reality is that only gradual and sustainable changes in eating habits over time are what will allow us to lose those extra pounds and sustain that weight loss in the long term.

Diet and Fitness. The nutrition specialist developed a healthy eating plan to begin to lose weight, detoxify the body and, fundamentally, make positive changes in eating.

Consumption Of Foods

The ideal is to increase the consumption of fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables, Accompanying them with lean proteins: meat and chicken,  removing visible fat even before cooking, e.g., chicken skin. It is essential  to increase the consumption of fish and preparations with egg whites

What type of training do I follow to get fit for the summer?

The personal trainer  Rodolfo A. Guajardo teaches us what physical activity we should practice to fine-tune our set-up: The most important thing is to choose an activity with which we feel comfortable. So as not to abandon it over time, and that also. We can perform with a certain continuity, this would be 3 to 4 times a week. The ideal is to alternate training with different sports or combine them with the exercises that we like the most. Always with the aim of not getting bored or tired “.

Among the options that we can choose from are cycling or spinning, running, swimming, weights, aerobics, step, cardio box, elliptical, and aqua fitness. In general, any sporting activity will do us good.

Diet and Fitness l Recommended Sports

Diet and Fitness. Running is the easiest option for anyone. We do not need to access a gym, for example. To be able to carry out this activity. We have to put on comfortable and appropriate clothing and slippers and go outside or to open space. When practicing this sport. We have to be careful with injuries, and we must always choose to run on soft ground such as grass to reduce the effects of rebound. Hard shells, such as asphalt, are not recommend.

The bike has a lower risk of injury than running, and almost all of us have one in our house. Why not use it to go to work? To go out for a walk? Riding a bicycle involves using the most important muscles of the body and alternates active periods with moments of rest. It is a complete activity. It burns calories, reduces cholesterol, flaccidity, and cellulite, strengthens the muscles. Lowers blood pressure, and improves the functions of the circulatory system, among other benefits.

Swimming is also a highly recommend activity for these times and is one of the most complete since multiple muscles are worked, both in the lower and upper body. Fats are burn, muscles are toned, and it helps prevent flaccidity. Also, good results are obtain, in a short time, at the cardiovascular level.

Stretching exercises.  Stretching is part of a complete exercise, and it should be part of our routine. With them, we will achieve more flexible muscles, more significant movement, and less prone to injury. With about 10, 15 minutes to stretch your muscles, reach, and of course, we will obtain numerous benefits.