The same thing happens to all of us, we do the first outline in one of the eyes, and it looks perfect. But when trying it in the other. The result is not what we expected, and by trying to match both strokes. We run the risk of ending up completely ruining the makeup. For this reason. Indeed you have already resigned yourself to accept that the eyeliner will never look the same in both eyes and you will limit yourself to leaving it as even as possible. Until today! Thanks to Tikor,. We have discovered a tutorial that, although unorthodox, goes spectacular results and a  symmetrical eyeliner on both eyes.

How to Get a Perfect Symmetrical Outline?

Begin by cutting a strip of surgical tape, long enough to cover the width of your face, starting at the outer tip of your brow, going under your eye, then under your nose, to the external information of your opposite brow. . Next, cut another smaller piece of tape and stick it to your mobile eyelid, between the outer edge of your brow and the first tape. In this way, only a tiny triangle of skin should be visible at the outer corner of the eye. Repeat the same operation on the second eye.

With your finger or a brush, take the eyeshadow of your choice and color the free area of ​​the skin with it. Choose a shadow with a creamy texture, it will be easier for you to apply and you will have less risk of it moving. You can also apply liquid or gel marker or eyeliner. Once the product is dry, gently peel off the pieces of tape, holding the skin well to prevent staining.

How to Successfully Apply a Liquid Eyeliner

Take the advice of Vogue beauty editor Pat McGrath and draw the wing first. It’s easy to set the branch too low or high when you’ve already drawn a line along your lashes, especially since the natural curve of your eye slopes down at the outer corner of the eye. As an alternative, look straight ahead in the mirror, place a small dot where you want the line to end, draw your lash, and then trace along the lash line.

How to Choose an Eyeliner?

While liquids offer a more precise finish and achieve that striking Hepburn wing, gel and kohl liners tend to be more forgiving and can be smudged and buffed for a softer, more diffused effect. It may seem obvious, but those who want a product just for the water line should opt for a pencil or gel formula, as liquids don’t stick.

What is the Best Eyeliner for Beginners?

The perfect eyeliner will also depend on your familiarity with the product. For beginners and those unfamiliar with its typical application, liquid eyeliner can seem intimidating as it requires a firmer hand. It may be wise to start with a pencil. Either gel or kohl. Or a liquid pen type if that’s the effect you want. Beginner or not, the trick is to go all out: liquid eyeliner can smell your fear. One of McGrath’s top tips. Whatever your liner skills. Is to end up wiping with a cotton swab – even the pros get it wrong sometimes.

Is Gel Eyeliner’s better than Pencil?

Not necessarily. It all hang on to the effect you want to achieve. Gel liners are a bridge between liquids and pencils. Conveying much of the impact and precision of beverages but with the malleability and softness of pencils. They’re a brilliant choice for those who prefer a soft, smudged finish. If you’re trying to create more impactful eyeshadow looks (many makeup artists use them as a base for shadows), or if you like to apply, buff, and smudge your line haphazardly on your site. Gel eyeliner’s is also a great option. If you want your eyeliner’s to stay in place once it’s set. The pencil adds intensity to the water line and can offer a more exact effect.