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Facial Treatments for Winter

Facial Treatments: The cold months -and less exposure to the sun- are ideal for subjecting the skin of the face. To non-invasive procedures aimed at closing pores. Reducing wrinkles, and correcting imperfections that should not be address at another time of the year.

In addition to changing the order of the clothes in the closet. Facial Treatments. The seasons of the year mark the time of the beauty treatments. That should be carried out according to the season and the needs of each person.

The skin. It is known. Is the largest organ of the human body, and in its care. The seasonal issue must be considered. Some products and technologies are not recommend at certain times. As occurs with certain types of lasers and acids. Which have in the winter their moment of more “popularity.”


Good Bye Stains – Facial Treatments

When it comes to non-invasive technologies. The picosecond laser is present as “the most effective alternative in the treatment of skin blemishes. Melasma, solar lentigines, age spots and also to remove freckles. According to the medical specialist in aesthetics and laser María Julia de la Torre.

For the medical director of Erde Frisch Medical Group. It is a state-of-the-art laser mainly characterize by emitting pulses of energy that lasts one trillionth of a second. Which also tightens the skin and closes dilate pores with an almost immediate recovery. “This more powerful laser is capable of removing what was permanent today; it is the first major advance in blemish treatment, and compare to older lasers, it cuts the treatment period in half,” she note.

The treatment, suitable for all skin types and requires one to three sessions, In addition. which are Carri out every 30 days, is indicate for men and women and can be use on the entire face and neck.


An Air Jet to Improve Skin Quality

Plastic surgeon Fernando Sconfienza stressed that “what you should know is that. In addition. the main result of biostimulation is to activate the function of the fibroblast, the cell responsible for the structure and quality of the skin, optimizing its function in the body to obtain smoother skin, combat flaccidity, reduce wrinkles and achieve deep hydration and increase firmness.”

Facial Treatments: In this sense, In addition. the specialist stressed that “Enerjet is one of the most recent rejuvenation technologies that works through the application of different active products -among them hyaluronic acid, a cocktail of vitamins and minerals- that are introduce inside the skin through a high-pressure air jet, without needles.”


Peeling: is the Classic Ally of Winter

Moreover. Illuminating, renewing, and nourishing the skin is the watchword of peeling, a treatment that does not go out of style and adapts to the needs of all ages.

In addition. “Peeling is suitable for all ages: for adolescents who have acne and to treat acne scars, from the age of 30, to improve the quality of the skin, after 40, to treat blemishes and from the 50s to soften expression lines”, highlighted the dermatologist Lilian Demarchi, for whom “this is a very versatile treatment, which always improves the quality of the skin.”


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