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Hair loss in women. A topic of conversation that we talk about intermittently throughout the year but has recently become one of the hottest beauty topics. I refer to my discussions with friends: “I have stopped taking the pill, and my hair is falling out a lot. Does it have something to do with it? Between autumn and stress, every time I wash my hair. I get scared of the amount that falls into the drain. I notice my hair getting thinner and weaker. What can I do?” And also to the data, according to DosFarma, Spain is the second country in the world with the most cases of alopecia Almost half of the population has it to some degree. Androgenic alopecia, caused by hereditary or hormonal causes and which affects men to a greater extent than women. Is usually the most common in our country.

When Should you Worry?

In line with the above. It seems fair and necessary to explain when hair loss is no longer average. According to Dr. Juan Jose Andrés Lenina, consulting dermatologist for H&S. The intensity and duration of this fall usually give clues. If it is a seasonal fall. It usually lasts, at most, about three months. And in terms of intensity. it is said that in these cases, the percentage of falls increases to 20%. In a practical way. We could consider an average seasonal fall to last one season and in which it falls approximately twice as much as it usually falls.. Outside these parameters, a specialist should be consulted. Also. When other signs are observe. Such as loss of density. Much more delicate and weaker hair, or when the scalp begins to lighten.

Can the Lack of Specific Vitamins Cause Hair Loss?

It is one of the general questions. As Cristina Mirante. Medical director of the MC360 clinic specializing in hair health, explains, the lack of specific vitamins and trace elements can cause inevitable hair loss.

Is hat the Causes of Hair Loss?

As the dermatologist at the International Dermatological Clinic explains, reactional hair loss (or telogen odor) can be trigger by various situations and causes. The good news is that the drop is temporary. “It is an alteration of the hair growth cycle that gives rise to a very striking hair loss but for a limited time of about 2 or 3 months that resolves spontaneously.

Can the Coronavirus Cause Hair Loss?

As confirmed by the three dermatologists with whom we have spoken. The coronavirus may indeed be related to the increase in cases of hair loss observed in recent months. “It is a very alarming hair loss, and many of our patients come to us worried. In most cases, they are telogen effluvia in which the coronavirus disease could act as a trigger, but also the stress associated with confinement can be the causal agent in many cases, ”says Tévar. It is a type of fall cause by the inflammatory reaction that causes an infectious disease that recovers after the infection.

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