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How to Connect the Mobile with Smart TV via Wi-Fi

Watching content on mobile is very good, but sometimes the screen falls short. Or you prefer to sit comfortably and continue the series or movie on Smart TV. Luckily, it can connect the mobile to the Smart TV easily and with a few steps.

If you are looking forward to enjoying your favorite photos on TV or would like to use some applications in a big way, here. We will see how you can connect your Android mobile or iPhone to TV. As well as what options are available to you.


Connect an Android Mobile to the TV

We start with Android mobiles, which have long included native support for Miracast and, more recently, Google Cast. Some manufacturers facilitate broadcasting from mobile to TVs of the same brand with their technology. At Samsung, this is called Smart View.


With a Smart TV

If you have a Smart TV, connecting the mobile to the TV may be pretty simple since they generally support Screen Mirroring. Note that some TVs don’t always have it on. But you need to change the image source to Screen Mirroring for it to turn on.

From the mobile. The usual thing is that the process is as simple as opening the notification panel and tapping on Wireless projection (or Send screen ). This will start a search for compatible devices. Where you will have to tap on the name of your TV.

With Chromecast and The Like

Google- Chromecast is a small device that connects to the TV and makes it more or less intelligent. The Chromecast connects directly to the Wi-Fi network, and from your mobile. You can click on it to send content to the TV in the hundreds of compatible applications.

To send content from Android. Chromecast is perhaps the easiest option, although not the only one. To name a few, there’s also the Amazon Fire Stick, Roku streaming stick, Nvidia Shield TV, Apple TV, and countless clones.

There are two ways to connect the mobile to the TV using a Chromecast. For incompatible applications, such as YouTube. When you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast. You will see a button to broadcast on the Chromecast. Tap on it. Choose your Chromecast, and wait for it to connect. This technique has the advantage that only the content itself is sent and not the image of the mobile as it is.

With a Smart TV with Airplay or an Apple TV

Although it is common for most Smart TVs, even those that have been around for some time, to have Miracast, Google Cast, or Android TV to stream from an iPhone, the ideal is that they have Airplay support. Today it is not difficult to find it in current models, although if you have an iPhone, it is best to check the technical specifications to ensure it is.

If your TV supports Airplay or you have an Apple TV, mirroring the iPhone screen is very easy. In addition. All you need to do is tap Screen mirroring, choose the device from the list, and enter the code that appears on the TV screen on your mobile.


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