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How To Raise the Number of Followers on Social Networks

Indeed you have asked yourself many times how you can improve the presence of your business on social networks. Quality of followers vs. quantity? What social networks are the most suitable for my business? What should I publish, and how?

Here, we will try to answer your questions and give tips to build a community of followers that will help you meet the expected goals.


What Strategies to Apply to Get Followers on Social Networks?

Once the above has been clarified, we are going to see a series of general guidelines to follow when developing a strategy to get quality followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social network:

As has always been done in marketing, the first thing we have to do is analyze the competition since they will target an audience very similar to ours (if not the same).


Publish Quality and Exciting Content on Social Media

Once we have defined our target audience and in which social networks we will establish ourselves. We must develop our content strategy. Value content is essential to gain followers on social networks and generate engagement.


Monitor your Followers on Social Networks

Analyzing and monitoring your networks daily will provide valuable information about which followers are inactive. Which ones publish content that does not correspond to our content strategy. Which users we follow but are not interest in following, or which topics or hashtags are generating conversation on the Internet. every moment

If we carry out this work. We can further refine our community of followers and thus provide greater segmentation and precision when making and publishing our content. Increasing our level of engagement.

Tools like Hootsuite, Tweet Reach, or Social Mention are some examples of free software that can help us in this task.

Adapt the Content Format for Social Networks

Following the line of publishing quality content, it is not enough for the content to be interesting. It must also be adapted to the social network and the public we are targeting.

The size of images, texts, videos, and others must be suitably adapted and optimize. Above all, the mobile format must be consider, given the exponential use that these devices have experience in recent years. Putting large images or too long texts will cause an adverse reaction in users, and they could stop following us since you will be hindering their navigation.

The online video format is widely use in social networks. If the videos are going to be your own, it is a good idea to plan them so that they can be understood without sound (as long as the type of product or service allows it), given that a significant number of users watch the videos in public or with people around you.

Support your Social Media Strategy with Social Ads

We are not going to fool ourselves; many times, especially when our brand is new. We need to support our strategy with some advertising on social networks to start giving visibility and presence to our product or brand.

Most social networks have tools and sections to carry out this task, and they have more and more weight. If we want to establish our presence on these networks. To the detriment of organic positioning or reach (number of people we impact with our Content in a Natural Way and Without Advertising Campaigns).

Despite this. We still need to produce quality content regularly since advertising will help us quickly attract followers. Still, the other will make those users “hook” on our content and end up following us.

Beyond Advertising on Social Networks, We Still Need to Make Quality Content Regularly

Tools like Facebook Ads, Facebook insights, or Twitter Ads will help us create our advertising campaigns easily and intuitively, allowing us to segment our campaigns by demographic data, geography, tastes, preferences, etc.

Set your Goals

Last but not least. When carrying out our social media strategy. We must establish what objectives we intend to achieve and how we are going to achieve them. For example, increasing our number of fans. Attracting web traffic, gaining more visibility, or working on pro of sales. And what actions we are going to carry out to achieve it (content plan, Social Ads, campaigns with influencers, etc.). Of course, these goals must be realistic and consistent with the capabilities and resources of the business.

It is of little use to set impossible goals that we will never reach since it will generate frustration and waste resources and time that we could invest in other more profitable tasks.


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