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Five Types of Hugs and Their Meanings

Types of Hugs: The benefits of hugs they are known to all. Throughout your life you have received and given hundreds of them, so you know the power that lies behind the gesture. What you may not know, and following the evidence at all times, is that hugs can reduce stress and boost your immune system. The latter affects reducing the risk of getting sick.

Some studies indicate that they help reduce levels of depression, as well as research that supports their use to improve emotional communication. But, be that as it may, specialists agree that not all gestures of this type are the same. Therefore, we present to you five types of hugs and their meanings.


1. Side Hug

A side hug can be applies in several contexts: friendship, partner, or companionship, for example.

It is the most information on our list of types of hugs. It’s the one that done when you are standing or sitting next to a person. Can be done around her shoulder, hip, or waist. It is usually bidirectional and can be done between people with different degrees of relationship (a couple, a friend, a family member, and even before a stranger takes a photo).

These are just a rare examples of what the side hug means. But, as you can see, even some of these intentions contradict each other regarding the degree of relationship. For example, you can side-hug your partner at the movies, but also when taking a photo with a celebrity.

Speaking of the latter, and just as a simple curiosity. The actor Keanu Reeves known for taking photos with his fans without making contact when trying a side hug.


2. Hug from Behind

Contrary to the previous case, the hug from behind is intend only for people with a certain degree of intimacy. It is often associate only with couples, but the truth is that it is one of the favorite types of hugs between friends. It is done from behind so that the arms surround part of the receiver’s body.


3. Bear Hug

Types of Hugs: The term bear hug is the gesture of hugging a person with force or momentum at the end that lasts for several seconds. Par excellence is also a wrestling movement and even a business acquisition movement.

Although we think this is one of the most romantic, sincere, or affective types of hugs. Their interpretations do not always point in that direction. But, yes, of course, it conveys affection and love to a person, especially if it is reciprocal.

The truth is that its violence and strength can also be interpret differently. When there is not enough trust. It can be construe as a slightly abusive gesture that can even annoy the person. It depends on the context because a bear hug can be a good gesture when you haven’t seen someone you love for a long time (for example).


4. Types of Hugs – Waist Hug

This is 1 of the types of hugs exclusively for couples, at least for those who profess a specific romantic, emotional or sexual interest. It is a hug that offers a great connection since it allows direct eye contact in a way that does not happen with a traditional or classic hug.

For all this, it is one of the types of romantic hugs that can serve as an introduction to intimacy. It can be bidirectional, although usually, one of the two chooses to place their hands on the arms or the neck of the other. It allows both of them to kiss without any limitation.

5. Types of Hugs – Hug with a kiss

The feeling of well-being and happiness you feel when giving a hug gives freedom for other demonstrations of affection.

Finally, we highlight the types of hugs done after a kiss. It is a very general hug that is well receive among all those with a certain degree of trust. Sometimes it can also be a successful alternative when you get to know someone.

The kiss can be given on the cheek or forehead, after which a traditional hug is made. The exciting thing about this hug is its versatility since the speed of the two acts (kiss and hug), and the intention or the forms determine whether it is a friendship or a romantic gesture.


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