If there is a classic costume that is a safe bet for any costume party, it is the Indian costume (and if you dress up as a couple: a cowboy and Indian costume ). Uncomplicated Indian Makeup. However to look like a true American Indian, in addition to the perfect outfit and accessories, you must wear impeccable Indian makeup.

The Indian Costume

Firstly, think about what kind of Indian you would like to become. Within the tribe. There are various members that you could dress up as: the great Indian chief with his plumed headdress. The brave warriors, and the beautiful daughters of the leaders of the tribe. Which prefer?
Among our Indian costumes, you will find:

If you are looking for an Indian costume, you also have many options: however from the sexiest to Indian warrior costumes:

Moreover, for the little ones!! So that your little girl can become Pocahontas herself and your little one in the big boss “Sitting Bull”:

Indian Makeup

For your Indian makeup. You can complicate everything you want, and depending on the makeup you choose; your Indian look can be very different. You can paint straight or zigzag lines and geometric shapes on your cheekbones and forehead, make up only the line of the eyes or make a mix and paint everything. The main thing is to have face paint of various colors: white, yellow, and red (to mix them and form the colors of the earth) are the most common, however, we can also see many more stunning Indian makeup that includes green and blue or even black makeup. From the eyes along the face (just like those worn by the most daring warriors of the tribe). Here are some proposals.

Indian Princess Makeup

The Disney movie, Pocahontas, became a reference for this type of costume. However, in the film, the character does not wear makeup. However, many Indian looks exist, which can be more warrior or “princess” type.

Indian Makeup for Children

Children tend to prefer more striking and colorful makeup for their Indian costumes. In addition, You can use the three primary colors and white to draw geometric shapes: zigzag lines and inverted triangles. If the yellow stands out a little, you can replace it with green or some other color that matches your son or daughter’s Indian costume.

Lone Ranger Makeup

Tonto, Act by Johnny Depp in the Lone Ranger movie, is a slightly eccentric Indian whose face is completely paint. However His face is paint with white and black lines cross his face from top to bottom. Although look is crowned with an Indian headdress that carries a raven. Here you will find some makeup inspired by this character.

The Star Touch: The Plume or Indian Headdress

If there is something vital for an Indian costume, it is the headdress. A headdress of colored feathers that can range from the large and showy plumes of an Indian chief to “crowns” with more discreet feathers worthy of any of the other members of the tribe. For women, you can wear a discreet Indian headdress with fewer feathers, or wear a brown (or the color of your costume) ribbon around your forehead and attach two or three feathers to the back of your head.