Korean Haircuts Short hair will be a super trend in 2019. It doesn’t matter if you have a long, triangular, round, oval, or square face because short haircuts look good on everyone. The trick is to choose the cut that suits you best. We show you several ideas inspired by trendy haircut styles in Korea and Japan.

Short Haircuts for a Long Face – Korean Haircuts

When the face is elongate, we need to compensate the features so that the face appears rounder and more proportionate. Therefore, we need a short haircut that makes the face rounder. In these cases, a shared resource is to leave bangs to cover the forehead; in this way, we visually shorten the elongated face. If we combine the charges with more volume on the sides, we will visually widen the front making it rounder, although, as we will see, sometimes it is not strictly necessary. It is important not to add volume to the top of the head to avoid lengthening the face.

Side Bangs without Volume

We’ve removed the volume from the top of her head and partially covered her forehead to visually ‘shorten’ her face and make it more ’round.’ In this case, giving more volume to the sides has not been necessary to make it more oval.

Long Pixie – Korean Haircuts

With this short pixie haircut that partially covers the forehead, avoids volume on the top of the head, and gives some volume on the sides, we have succeeded in visually shortening her face. In this case, it is a long pixie that is more versatile than a short one and will be one of the most wanted trends in women’s haircuts in 2019.

Bangs with Waves

Waves or curls can be created on the long bangs to accentuate the side volume and help round out the long face. This short haircut will suit you well if you have naturally curly hair.

Boyish – Korean Haircuts

Boyish is an English term meaning “boyish-looking” and refers to a “boyish” haircut. It is very comfortable and practical to wear because it hardly requires maintenance. In this case, she has a sideways mini fringe that helps to subtly round the face.

Helmet Haircut – Korean Haircuts

This is a helmet-type cut, with the top of the hair longer than the rest, especially the nape. In this way, we manage to give a lot of volume to the face and round it. This type of short haircut is incredibly flattering on long faces like the one in this case.

Short Haircuts for Square Face

Square faces are characterized by a prominent and angular jawline and cheekbones. In these cases, softening the angular features needs to be done. It is essential to avoid extreme short haircuts since we will expose all the details of the face, and we will not be able to hide them to diminish or hide their proper shape. Professionals always recommend bangs, asymmetrical short haircuts with rather long bangs, and a side parting to break the symmetry of the face that would accentuate square features.

Asymmetric Bob Cut

In square faces, symmetries should be avoid because they tend to accentuate the “right angles” and make it more equitable and angular if possible. The parade and a more asymmetrical haircut have been use to soften the lines of the face.

Short Boy Cut

A Boy cut is similar to boyish. However, the amount has some volume on the top of the head and thick bangs that can be above the eyebrows or a little above and make a face softer and more oval. Longer sideburns toward the cheekbones also help soften the angular features of a square face.

Short Swept Cut

The volume on the sides helps to soften and round the square face. If we also add the parade, we will give it a fresher and more casual look.

Micro Bob

We can say that it is on the verge of the most radical haircuts. It comprises a mini or micro mane that reaches just below the ears. In this case, the nape of the neck is also wholly shave, which gives it a chic and radical style.