Winter’s here and with it has arrived dry air, gusty wind and an overall drop in humidity. It is a common occurrence to have dry, flaky itchy skin especially after baths and also dry, chapped lips.

When dry, chapped lips are left untreated or uncared for, the skin splits and may result in bleeding and flaky skin. This is both uncomfortable and makes you prone to infections. A good lip balm helps lips to stay hydrated, supple and prevents them from drying out. The damage caused to dry lips often includes uneven pigmentation which can be set right with a lip balm for dark lips which restores the protective layer on the lips.

There are many choices in the market for lip balm for dry lips  and we’ve compiled a short list of the best ones available online so you can take your pick!

1.  Iba Moisture Rich Lip Balm – Strawberry

This luscious strawberry lip balm is equipped with the triple moisture of cocoa butter, shea butter and aloe vera oil along with sweet almond oil and coconut oil. These ingredients help soften the lips and keep them moist while keeping them nourished and youthful. Iba lip balm is the best lip balm for Indian skin as it is non-sticky, very light and provides enough hydration for dry lips.

2.  T.A.C. Indian Rose Lip Balm

When it comes to a collection of the best lip balm for women, The Ayurvedic Co. lip balm tops the table. Containing the essence of wild rose petals and cocoa butter in addition to many natural oils, it is a deep lip care option guaranteed to give you soft, supple, well-cared-for lips day after day. This lip butter is made in tandem with principles of Ayurveda.

3.  Lotus Herbals LIP LUSH Pink Guava Rush

Guava is very very rich in antioxidants and prevents free radicals from wreaking havoc on the skin and its texture. This is a great lip balm for dry lips as it has SPF 20 along with other nourishing ingredients.

4.  SPF 30 Vitamin C+E Cherry Lip Balm by Dot & Key

This lip balm comes in a tube pack and promises to slowly fade away unsightly pigmentation on the lips. It can block UVA and UVB rays with SPF 30 and also protects the lips from the harshest sun. The best lip balm for Indian skin, this lip balm is infused with Vitamin C and shea butter and is lightweight and non-sticky.

5.  4-Piece Tinted Lip Balm Miniature Set by RAS Luxury Skin Care

This makeup and skin care hybrid can be used as lip balm, blush and also like an eyeshadow palette! The lip balms are tinted and have a sheer finish with a lightweight texture. The plant-based glycerin is a game changer, making it the best lip balm for women. When you apply this, you do not need a lipstick or tint or another balm. These tinted lip balms have rich pigmentation that is easy to achieve with a little blending for a sheer rosy look on the cheeks, face and eyelids. It comes in a pack of 4 too, which is a great gifting item.

6.  Serum Lipstick SPF 15 by Earth Rhythm

This sun-protective serum lipstick is a unique formulation in the bullet lipstick form. The tint is long lasting, with a creamy hydrating finish which also makes it a  great lip balm for dark lips. The squalane in the formulation acts as an effective lock-in for moisture, leaving lips supple, healthy and closest to their original, natural color.

7.  Renee Lip Fix 3 in 1 Lip Balm

This lip balm has 2 concentric layers – the outer layer gives a tint of color and the inner core provides hydration and moisture to lips. The product is a cross between glamour and winter care for the lips and ticks all the boxes – pretty shades, smooth easy glide texture and nourishing oils. The lip balm price is also pretty attractive and can be a regular feature of anyone’s touchups!


  1. Can I use a lip balm for sensitive skin?

Yes,a  good quality lip balm for dry lips can be used even if you have sensitive skin and your lip texture is delicate. Make sure to go for pure ingredients and products which are vegan and Halal to ensure absolutely great quality which will not harm your skin. Before use, make sure to do a patch test to eliminate any risk of skin irritation or adverse reactions.

  1. I have dark spots on my lips – how can I get rid of them?

A lip balm for dark lips – i.e. one that has ingredients like rose petal extract, licorice, Vitamin E, etc. can help lighten the darker areas over time. Do remember that a good lip balm can do it over a long period of time, not immediately. Regular application will help heal the skin’s protective barrier to ensure a more even skin tone and suppleness.

  1. How to choose the right lip balm for myself?

First of all, determine your skin type – is it dry, combination or oily? It is not necessary that your lips will follow the exact pattern but very close to it. If you are prone to dry chapped lips even in humid weather, you need something with a long-lasting hydration formula which keeps your lips moist and easy to manage. If you have combination or oily skin and your lips only get dry in extreme cold or wind, then a lightly hydrating formula will do good. No matter the choice, always remember that reapplication is always recommended for all day protection.