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Lips Shape This is What Says About Your Personality – 2023

With the coronavirus pandemic and the obligation to wear masks in social settings, human beings have reinforced the idea that many emotions can be shown through the eyes and without lips.

However, that does not mean that other body parts cannot show feelings or character. A clear example is the lips.

Several scientists maintain that they are one of the personality’s main characteristics. Face reading expert and author of  The Wisdom of Your Face  Jean Hanner believes that your behavior with the people around you reflects on your lips.

“The most important thing your lips reflect is how you carry yourself in relationships and how generous you are,” Haner tells Cosmopolitan. “You were born with the characteristics you have for a reason. Each one is related to a fragment of your personality. And they all work together to represent who you are.”

To determine this, there are specific essential attributes such as the shape, size, definition of the cupid’s bow, or the fullness of the lips to know data about someone’s personality.

What kind of lips do you have?

  • Face reading expert  Jean Haner believes that your behavior with the people around you is reflected in your lips.
  • To do this, it is based on specific essential attributes such as the shape, size, definition of the cupid’s bow, or the fullness of the lips.
  • From full lips to lips with a defined cupid’s bow to lips retouched with Botox or hyaluronic acid, they all reveal data about someone’s personality.
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1. Meaty

Probably the most famous lips in all of Hollywood are those of the one and only Angelina Jolie.

Uniform and fleshy lips on both sides indicate protection for others, empathy, and affection. Generally, they do not mind dedicating their lives to others because they selflessly care about them.

2. Thin

Although the fashion right now is to have the thickest lips possible, thin lips also exist, and some people like them just the way they are, like Kirsten Dunst.

They are somewhat shy people, generally solitary, who find socializing difficult. However. This does not always imply a negative context, as they are independent and do not depend to a great level on other people.

Therefore, in the field of personal relationships, they usually look for someone who complements them with different interests, according to Haner.

3. Thick in the Center

On the opposite side are Chrissy Teigen and her complete lips. If your lip are slightly wider in the center. You are a person who hates being alone; you always like to be the center of attention and give everything to your friends.

However, personal relationships do not go as well as friendships because being on a constant roller coaster of emotions also generates a lot of drama.

4. Lips with a Pointed Cupid’s Bow

When asked to draw lip as a child, you probably drew ones like Taylor Swift’s, with a well-marked cupid’s bow.

People with a defined cupid’s bow stand out in creativity and spontaneity, although they can sometimes be impulsive.

They also have a perfect memory, so they probably won’t forget a face. Even if they haven’t seen it for years. As they are very social beings who need constant contact with other people.

5. Lips with a Rounded Cupid’s Bow

Compassionate and kind people like Amanda Seyfried tend to have that slightly rounded cupid’s bow. They tend to get angry quickly to fight for their ideals.

They are also very empathetic individuals who detest injustice and do not hesitate to help those who need it at any time.

6. Undefined Cupid’s Bow

However, numerous people do not have a well-defined cupid’s bow, like Julia Roberts, and this means nothing but good things.


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