Much is said in color psychology about the meaning of feeling an inclination towards a specific color and that from there. Infinite possibilities unfold that tell us a little about our personality. But what if we look a little at the colors we use daily? If we are one of those girls who have the same lipstick or very similar shades to wear everywhere. Call it to work or party, be it red or a nude; if on the contrary. We are to use

different colors depending on the activity or simply relying on the mood or what we are going to do. In addition. As is my case. We will talk about this precisely in our article. As I already told you, “tell me what lipstick you use, and I will tell you what you look like.”

As some of you may already know. I have been doing this beautiful job that is professional makeup for 12 years. In addition, In my case. I use lipsticks to print a bit of my personality (I usually wear the same eyes almost every time. Varying the thickness of the eyeliner). Cat’s eye), but it was recently that I realized the significant difference between the shades of lipstick that I use to work and to use in my daily routine. Which has led me to joke that I find myself torn between two different people who work well together. One is Light Makeup, and the other is Luz. The girl who prefers to have a casual or romantic look depending on how she feels when she is not the Makeup Artist.

In this sense, let’s begin to see a little about what your personality traits can be depending on which lipstick you like the most. All based on the psychology of color.

Different Types Of Lipstick Shades


The color of risk and passion is undoubtedly associate with self-confident. Elegant women who know what they want. It is very classic because through it you can get attention without being scandalous. They go well with any skin tone. Always taking into account the harmonies of bright colors. Wine reds are indicated for dark-haired women while pure reds for fair or very pale skin.

Lipstick – Nudes or skin tones and their derivatives:

Those who prefer these colors are girls who want their other features to be seen. Moreover, Want to draw the interlocutor’s attention to different points of her or what she says. Sometimes, they can be consider shy or simply that they believe something else in their appearance more critical. In a certain way they like to go unnoticed.


Cold color that always stands out on all types of lips. In addition. Preferred by risky people who are not afraid of being the center of attention and breaking their schemes. They are define as personalities who do not need the approval of a third party to carry out what is propose.


It is associate with fun and friendly people. Usually, the people who use it have a good attitude towards the vine and what surrounds them. Being a warm color. In addition, it brings a lot of light to the face. The girls who lean towards this color are cheerful in most cases. Combining that quality with a gift for people that undoubtedly makes them sought after by the excellent company they represent.


People who opt for earth tones in lipsticks are pretty serious in their way of thinking, not to call them rigid; this color results from the mixture of other colors, and even if it is dark, being an earth color makes the look more automatically divert from the lips, it is taken as the color associated with the old and the anti-erotic, it is not recommended if you want to look sensual because the effect will be the opposite.