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What are Skin Stem Cells and What are They For?

At the end of the 1980s, research on the blood contained in the umbilical cord led to the discovery of capable cells. In addition to regenerating, of forming other types of cells. This is how stem cells began to be an essential pillar of regenerative therapies in medicine, and even today. They continue to generate great discoveries for specialists. These cells have significant health benefits. But they also have other applications. Do you want to know what exactly stem cells are and what they are used for? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you everything.

What are Stem Cells?

They are indifferent, self-renewing, and progenitor cells that. Within other cells, are capable of acquiring their memory and understanding how they develop in the organism itself. In general, adult cells do not reproduce; they do not multiply. Except for some blood and skin cells;  what makes stem cell so unique is precisely their ability to regenerate or become the type of cell they are graft onto. Which causes cells of one or more tissues to form from them.

Stem cells are also “reprogram” in the specialty of others to repair cells of an organ that are damage or to replace them with some that are in good working order.

What are the Uses of Stem Cells?

Uses In Medicine

Knowing now what stem cells are and their regenerative capacity. It seems clear that their usefulness in medicine must be very high: helpful in repairing tissues and organs. We can imagine that they are use in the regeneration of the pancreas in diabetes. The heart after a heart attack or regeneration from blindness, for example.

The studies focus on two types of stem cell. The embryonic (the so-called daughters, which are 5-day-old blastocysts) and the non-embryonic adult stem cell, which are already specialize.

Research in 2006 stated that reprogramming in adult stem cell was already possible. So that they could be part of other functions. These cells have been call pluripotent stem cell.

One of the best-known uses in medicine is bone marrow transplantation. A stem cell transplant in the area; however, much remains to be investigate.

Plant Stem Cells, Where are They Extracted From?

As we have already said. The stem cells use in cosmetics are extract from plants and fruits that can stay fresh for a long time. These cell in cosmetics are not alive; we find the critical substances of stem cell Such as ferulic acid, ellagic acid, or quercetin.

Benefits of Plant Stem Cell’s on the Skin

The use in cosmetics, where one of its main ingredients is the stem cells of some plants. Can provide the skin with the following benefits:

How to Use Stem Cell in the Skin?

Cosmetics with stem cells of plant origin can be found in many formats. The most common are in serum, although they are also found in the form of masks or creams.

The main property of this active ingredient is to regenerate the skin, which is why it is a perfect ingredient for mature skin and used after more aggressive treatments, such as retinol, retinoic acid, or any other AHA going to be use. Exfoliate the skin.

Applying a serum with stem cell in the morning can help regenerate the skin and hydrate it; this way, the active ingredients will be much more effective.

When the skin is oily or mixed, serums are perfect as a single product. If the skin is dry, it is advisable to use these serums before the cream or that the cream itself contains active stem cell in its composition.

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