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A Comprehensive Guide On Tafcop Portal

Online fraud is increasing daily; to stop it, the Government of India has launched its new portal TAFCOP PORTAL ( This portal allows users to ensure how many SIM cards are currently active in their Aadhaar card. If there are SIM cards whose information the user does not have, they can click “You can submit an online request through” tafcop. dgtelecom. Gov. in.

Some people are often issued SIM cards in their identity cards that they are unaware of, which is taken advantage of by wrong and fraudulent people. After this, many people are cheated online, and legal action is taken against those whose SIM is activate in their ID card. So, to overcome this problem, the Department of Telecommunications launched the TAF COP PORTAL Tafcop.Dgtelecom.Gov, information about which we are going to give you all the details in today’s article so that you can read this article and avoid all kinds of fraud. Watch the provided video till the end.

What is the Tafcop Portal?

What is the Tafcop Portal_

The Government of India created the Digital Intelligence Unit as a nodal organization to investigate telecom-related frauds. It will work with multiple financial institutions and communications providers to do this.

There is an organization called Telecom Analytics for fraud management and consumer protection. TAFCOP portal was creat to receive complaints about unwanted commercial communications.

Tafcop is a portal that uses telecommunication analytics to detect and prevent fraud and protect consumer interests. It permits customers to check how many mobile connections are recorded in their name and take essential action if they find excess or illegal connections. The Tafcop portal also sends SMS alerts to clients with more than nine mobile connections in their name, per the current DoT guidelines.

Why is the Tafcop Portal in the News?

“TAFCOP DigiTelecom GOV IN” has been made available to the public to reduce fraud in telecommunications. The new rules establish that each subscriber can have nine telecommunications connections linked to their identity. There are additional regulations in the Tafcop portal DG Telecom Govt. A phone call is required to confirm your residence information. There is a fine of Rs 100 on the sale of pre-activated SIM cards—a fine of Rs 50,000.

Following instructions from Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Union Telecom Ministry decided to set up such an organization. At a high-level meeting, the minister discussed ways to address the growing worries of mobile phone users over unwanted messages through the TafCop portal.

Additionally, SMS harassment is link to illegal loan transactions. This government action aims to increase the security of digital transactions.

Benefits of Telecom Tafcop Portal

The portal name can check the use of Telecom Analytics Portal for fraud management and consumer protection. The portal provides analysis and consumer protection services in the field of telecommunications. The simple way is that it allows for all the information about the connection of telecom customers, like registered working mobile connection, SIM number with working status, and DoT login. These are the benefits of the portal.

Tafcop Portal Login Tafcop Gov In

Tafcop Portal Login Tafcop Gov In

Many users want this benefit of telecom service so that they can register their complaints and avail the benefits of telecom services. The steps to request a login are as follows.

  • Visit the portal of the Department of Telecommunications.
  • Now click on Login here.
  • First, complete the registration here.
  • Now, enter the requested information.
  • Then, go to the home page again.
  • Enter your user ID and password.
  • Fill in the captcha.
  • Click on Login so that you can log in to the portal.

Steps to Check Registered Online Connection On Telecom Services

In this digital world, check all the information about the mobile SIM running in its name or under its ID. To prevent this, follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, visit the TAFCOP portal, i.e.,
  • Please see the home page for available details.
  • Now, enter mobile on the home page.
  • Click on Enter OTP.
  • Now, enter the OTP received on your mobile number.
  • On the screen, you can verify the online connection registered on the name.

Why is Tafcop Important?

Tafcop is vital because it helps protect consumers from becoming victims of fraud or misuse of their identity. Some of the common frauds that occur through mobile connections are as follows:

SIM Swap Fraud

It happens when someone gets a duplicate SIM of your number and uses it to contact your bank accounts, OTP, or other sensitive information.

Call Forwarding Fraud

Tap Cop helps you distract your incoming calls to another number without your information and charges you for it.

International Roaming Fraud

The TafCop portal helps identify if someone initiates international roaming on your number, makes expensive calls, or uses data abroad.

Fake KYC Fraud

Taff Police also guides you in identifying if someone uses your ID documents to obtain a mobile connection in your name and uses it for prohibited activities.

Using the TafCop portal, you can check if any of these scams are happening with your mobile connection and report it to your service provider or DoT.


Tafcop is a valuable portal for users who want to check and regulate their mobile connection and avoid fraud or misuse of their uniqueness. The Tafcop portal is easy to use and offers users timely alerts and information. It also helps monitor and enforce guidelines for proper telecom resource allocation by service providers. TapCop is a step towards empowering users and strengthening security in the telecom division. If you are a mobile user in India, you must visit the TAFCOP portal and check how many sims work in your name.

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