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What was the Beginning of Technology?

Beginning of Technology: The origin and beginning of technology date back to almost 4.9 million years ago. When the living beings that lived at that time were involve in a fierce struggle for survival.

Among them was primitive man, hairy, with little reason and strength. And although at that time the human was more monkey than man itself, little by little. He develop his intelligence to be able to feed, hunt, and even protect himself from inclement weather (not getting wet when it rain or avoiding the cold with animal skins)

Over time, he also learned that if he planted seeds from the fruits he ate. Trees grew, and agriculture was born. And also, in this way. He discovered that other materials such as fibers allowed him to keep warm better than simple animal leather; thus, what we know today as clothing was born.

He also realize that when stepping on floors with stones or thorns, his feet were damage and bled. So he manage to cover them with what we now call shoes.

Later he saw the potential of electric light with the fabulous Thomas Alba Edison and invented electric light to illuminate the world and the lives of millions of people.

And the day came when he invented information technology and computers to process information quickly and efficiently to avoid doing it by hand.

That is to say; technology is what has helped man to improve the quality of life throughout history. Beginning of Technology It has enabled him to fulfill each of his desires and needs, from cooking to flying or communicating with other beings around the world. World.

History of Technology – Beginning of Technology

Previously we have already made it clear what the definition of technology is, as well as its different types and everyday examples. We all know modern technology. Beginning of Technology. but what do we know about its origins? Today we will explore the history of technology.


Evolution of Technology Through Time

The advance and constant evolution of technology have always been accompanied by the significant steps and advances of Science. Which has closely followed man’s technological development.

Similarly, we should not confuse Science with technology, as they are two different things. Science is knowledge and techniques, and technology encompasses the result of that knowledge and how it helps man solve practical questions of man’s needs.

We always think of the Internet, supercomputers, virtual reality, smartphones, or autonomous cars when discussing technology. And this is indeed part of modern technology. But the word technology encompasses much more than what we see today in our lives.

The activity and creation of technology are as old as the human being itself. So below, we will see the different stages of the evolution of technology over time.


Before History – Beginning of Technology

The period known as “Before history” is called ” Prehistory “and encompasses the period since the human being appear in the world until agriculture was invented in the middle of the Neolithic. Around the year 3000 BC

The beginning of agriculture mark a before and after in the history of the human being because it made him settle in a particular place and allowed him to stop being a nomad; that is, it made possible the emergence of the first towns; this is known as the man’s first technological revolution

The technological advances in prehistory were not much if we compare them with the current ones. The technology at that time was exclusively use to survive. Dedicated to improving the technique of hunting and feeding through fruit trees.

Prehistory ended with another significant advance of man, the invention of writing, one of the first forms of communication.



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