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The Best Treatments for The Face without Surgery

Currently, there are many non-invasive treatments to show off a young and radiant face. With these techniques, you will not only rejuvenate your face, but you will minimize any defects, recovering the lost shine and volume.

Are you looking for the best non-surgical face treatments? Keep reading, and we will update you on the best options to improve the quality of your skin, eliminate deep circles under the eyes or put an end to sagging.


Benefits of Facial Treatments Without Surgery

Who does not want to show off radiant and full-of-life skin, regardless of age? The truth is that time complicates everything too much because the skin loses its elasticity. We are talking about a natural process. Which can be accelerated by leading unrecommended lifestyle habits, such as abusing tobacco and alcohol, having a poor diet, or extensive exposure to the sun.

The final result translates into dark circles and bags, sagging, spots and wrinkles. Fortunately, we can stop premature aging and prevent or improve the problems that have appeared over the years.

These techniques are immediate, and the effects can be appreciated at the moment. They are fantastic to combat aging and see us with a much more rejuvenated appearance. What are its main advantages? We are going to list them briefly so you can get an idea of ​​their great potential:

  • The results are instantaneous, and in the first consultation, you will already appreciate the favorable changes in your skin. In some cases, several queries may be needed, but the final results are seen in a short time.
  • The latest technology existing in the market is used to obtain patient satisfaction.
  • Proven technology. We only work with products and methods previously checked and tested with magnificent results.
  • These are non-invasive treatments, thus avoiding the annoying recovery of dermo-aesthetic operations.


Peeling For Acne – Treatments

Acne affects a large part of the population, although it appears mainly in the adolescent stage. This disease presents itself with enlarged pores, blackheads, and pimples, and chemical peeling is used to combat it; one of the best treatments for the face without surgery that repairs and regenerates the skin.

Facial peeling is a highly demanded technique for all the benefits it entails. It is a very effective technique that ends with acne. How? Closing open cigars, deeply moisturizing the skin and eliminating blackheads and pimples.

It consists of an exfoliation method through a substance applied to the skin. Which renews the superficial layers to improve its appearance. The number of sessions will depend on several essential elements. Such as the patient’s age and the type of acne they have, between mild, moderate, severe, or very severe. Generally, a week should be left between sessions for the skin to rest and recover.

The peeling of acne consists of applying a series of acids to the skin, which will balance the production of sebum and, in the process, eliminate the scars it could leave. The most used acids in this method are lactic acid for milder acne cases, glycolic acid especially indicated for oily skin, and salicylic acid to combat pimples and blackheads.


Thread Lifts for The Double Chin – Treatments

This is a guarantee of success. This is one of them if you are looking for a non-offensive treatment that generates results. This method, which helps the body produce collagen, is applies to the neck to reduce flaccidity in the area and is request by both men and women. The idea is to feel more attractive and boost self-esteem.

With the tensor threads, you will observe optimal results in the skin. Although you may have minor side effects, nothing compared to surgery. As for the duration of the procedure, it usually lasts no more than half an hour. In addition, when finished, the patient can go home and continue his everyday life, guaranteeing that the results will appear in a short time.

This technique is distinguish from the rest by its natural results. It affects the production of collagen to increase the elasticity of the skin, at the same time that it acquires flexibility and smoothness. Thread lifts do not directly affect the aesthetics of the face, as they do not leave any mark or scar, giving rise to a natural and fresh appearance.

It is so simple to apply that it is worth trying. The patient can return to his usual routine, although once he has received the treatments, he must follow the specialist’s advice.

Facial Mesotherapy For Flaccidity

Facial mesotherapy acts effectively against flaccidity. Over time, it has become the most demanded aesthetic technique in recent years, and the number of followers continues to increase. And we are talking about a minimally invasive treatments that does not cause pain and whose results are incredible.

The idea is to apply a specific substance to a shallow depth of the skin (no more than 4 millimeters) through microinjections. This product is use where need, administering small amounts uniformly and superficially.

This method is not new. It emerged in the fifties, although it was initially use to treat specific pathologies such as osteoarthritis. However, seeing its effects, they realized that this technique could be instrumental in aesthetic medicine.

Since then, facial mesotherapy has come a long way, and its benefits leave no room for doubt. Its main objective is to combat the aging of the neck, face, and décolletage caused over the years by the sun and other factors such as age or lifestyle. In this way, this method aims to reduce flaccidity and end dehydration.

Hyaluronic Acid For Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eyes can be for various reasons, either due to poor lifestyle habits, poor sleep, or skin aging, although it can also be due to a purely genetic issue. Hyaluronic acid for dark circles is suitable for everyone, and its procedure is straightforward.

If the tear ridges on your face are very mark and your gaze conveys tiredness, this treatments will help you prevent your dark circles from sinking, no matter how old you are. In addition, patients who undergo this simple treatment improve their self-esteem immediately by seeing immediate results.

Hyaluronic acid is applies to dark circles to fill them in. We are talking about an injectable product that has specific components especially indicated to treat this delicate and sensitive area.

The most important is hyaluronic acid, which integrates with the tissue, filling the recessed area under the eyes. In addition, different amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants are usually add to promote collagen production, cell regeneration, and combat tissue aging.

All these treatments are at the forefront of aesthetic medicine. They provide immediate results without the patient seeing their daily routine interrupted. What treatment would you say is the most suitable for your face?


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