On some other occasion, we have already talked about what we have to do to highlight the eyelashes or prevent them from falling out. But this time we are talking about how to get a eyelash perm Duration, Price, Advantages and Disadvantages on them. We are now talking about permanent eyelashes: duration, price, advantages, and disadvantages.

The eyelash perm was given a lot of years ago when cosmetics could not achieve a mascara that would get us to have them very long (as if we were wearing extensions ) and also curls. We have already found some brands that achieve almost miraculous effects. But we can still use the perm to get cinema eyelashes.

What is Eyelash Perm

This technique consists of curling the eyelashes so that they are raise to the maximum, and in this way, they also look much longer than usual.

The eyelash perm was very popular in countries like France or London in the 60s. Although it seems that it was not so popular today. We can say that it has come back with a lot of force thanks to the fact that it is a technique that Many American celebrities apply, such as  Kim Kardashian.

To be able to do the eyelash perm. It will be necessary for us to go to a beauty or aesthetic center since a type of curler indicated for each eyelash require, in addition to requiring the “help” of someone who places them on us. It is not advisable to do it at home.

How is The Eyelash Perm Done?

To do the perm on the eyelashes, they will have To put on us. As I mention before, a curler that will be similar to the hair curler, although much smaller in size.

On each eyelash, they place one of these curlers. Depending on the length and size, the curler will be more or less negligible.

To be able to stick a curler. A special glue is kept, and once fix, they will put a special liquid on the eyelashes, making them curl.

The liquid is left to act between 10 or 15 minutes, and it is not advisable to be more since the lashes may end up burn.

Once the necessary time has pass and they are already curl. Another unique product is use to help remove all the remaining glue on the eyelashes.

When all these products have already been apply, then they will put a special conditioner on us, and we will have a perfect look.

The best of all is that we can make up our lashes. Already long and curly, 24 hours after applying the perm.

The duration of the perm or eyelash curling will be approximately four weeks. Please avoid rubbing your eyes with your fingers or excess mascara, as this way, and you can even make it last a little longer.

Prices, Advantages, and Disadvantages of Eyelash Perming

How much does a total professional lash perm treatment cost, session? and what is the price of each

The costs of eyelash perm 2020 can vary between 60 to 80 euros or from 240 to 320 euros. Therefore. It follows that the average price of the eyelash perm is around 60-80 euros per session, and since it costs at least 3 or 4 sessions, the total cost could reach 320 euros.

However, keep in mind that the effect lasts approximately one month. A half or a maximum of 2. But the benefits also last in the regrowth phase for up to 6 months thanks to the keratin eyelash treatment. So one of the main advantages will be as no. That once you have finished the treatment, you will see how you have spectacular eyelashes.

In addition. Another advantage is that the treatment can be repeat once a month to maintain the beauty of your eyelashes for longer.

For this treatment to be effective, therefore, 3-4 sessions are need in approximately four months because the perm is a “cumulative” treatment and not an immediate treatment.

For the final effect and for your safety and health. We recommend that you always contact professionals in the sector and therefore with professional salons to carry out the treatment.

Contraindications of Eyelash Perming

The eyelash perm treatment has no particular contraindications apart from the fact that it is a technique that takes time to achieve the desired results.

However, it is good to remember that eyelash perming is contraindicate:

  • During pregnancy.
  • lactation.
  • eye pathologies.
  • eye disease or eyelids in the process of healing.

On the other hand,  a slight irritation may appear in 24 hours when we do an eyelash perm. It is something “specific” or that does not happen to everyone.

In some cases, this will not be recommend you (after the placement of extensions on the eyelashes. As they may fall out); in others. It will not be necessary (when we resort to eyelash tinting) on other occasions. We can use the mascara with Total normality if that is what we want. This is the case with the eyelash perm.

If we want to be able to put on makeup, but we don’t know how to remove the mascara. All we have to do is use a product and cotton, and instead of rubbing, gently slide it over the lashes and up.