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The Importance of Computer and Technology

This advance in information technology has meant that over the years. The number of families with computer. Computers in their homes has increased. And many of these computers have Internet access.

Thanks to this penetration. This tool is helping parents and children by showing them a new way of learning and seeing the world. Because ultimately, there is no doubt that when you learn to use a computer. New horizons open up in the life of an individual.

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Importance of Computer Computing in Society

Hand in hand with technology. Information technology in recent decades has played a leading role in the development of the different areas that make up societies around the world.

Along with the evolution by leaps and bounds of technological developments related to computer systems. The most important plans of the daily life of individuals have been modified, and we can perceive the same thing in education. Health, industries, businesses, banking, entertainment, and more.

Over the few years. The world has changed around the changes and evolutions that computing and all the technology developed around it have undergone. That is why the sociological changes that have come about after the irruption and massification of computer tools worldwide have been vital to understanding how communities are made up today.

Although, indeed. The true impact of computing and technology cannot be accurately measured at present. Since we bear in mind that developments around computing systems are constantly changing. We can ensure that all of this has an impact directly on our daily lives because ultimately computers have managed to change the way we do all our daily tasks.

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Importance of Informatics in Education

Just as we have seen what happens in different areas that involve society. Computing and the technology developed around it have had a more than significant impact on education in recent decades. Introducing positive changes that allow expanding the range of daily learning activities.

Among the main positive aspects that information technology has had in education in different parts of the world. We can mention the globalization of the dissemination of content. Since information technology and technological developments have allowed the creation of suitable platforms to be able to carry out a remote and distance education.

A clear example of this is what happens with the tools provided by the internet for disseminating information through elements such as educational videoconferences. Online careers, virtual campuses, and others. Today we can find ourselves in a country, and without moving from home, study a distance career in another distant land.

Importance of Informatics in Science

Just as it has been in fields such as education. The business world, and society, the arrival of informatics in the field of science has made possible. An exponential growth in the developments and concepts with which the different technologies are applies. Sciences in the concrete world and practical experience.

We could say that information technology and technology have managed to introduce a true revolution in the world of science. Even achieving structural changes in the methods and times of the development of scientific research. As well as in the dissemination of new knowledge.

This has resulted in the scientific world being able to access the creation of new solutions, many of them in a time unthinkable in another era, which provide an answer to different questions and needs of today’s societies.


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