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The Importance of Rest For Skin Care

Skin Care. We should sleep for average of 8 hours; however, according to different data, we sleep less and worse, with the average being 6 hours a day from Monday to Friday and increasing to 7 on weekends.

But not only that, according to the World Health Organization, 40% of the population claims to sleep poorly. And this is not always related to sleep disorders, but to personal or work problems that prevent us from falling asleep as we would like, but also the fact of going to bed very late and with the screens or having eaten food that makes the sleeping cost much more. These are some of the explanations why this high percentage of people cannot rest as they would like.

This affects our physical and mental health and, of course, the appearance of our skin. And no, we are not only referring to the dark circles that are reflected the day after having slept little, but to other consequences that we want to talk about today in this article.


The Role of Sleep on your Skin Care

We often insist on the importance of controlling your diet and that it is healthy, with the aim that it does not affect the appearance of your skin Care or, on the contrary, you eat foods that help you take care of it.

Of course, proper hydration cannot be lacking either, because so that the skin tissues remain firm and it does not dry out, water also has a prominent role, but we cannot forget about rest.

Why? Because it is essential so that it can promote cell synthesis, which means that the skin regenerates, something that it does not do during the day since its function is to act against external agents.


When we sleep well: 

  • the skin is oxygenate
  • Toxins are remove
  • Tissues are regenerated
  • The skin makes elastin
  • creams work better

How Lack of Sleep Affects your Skin Care

Taking into account how important, as we have just seen, rest is for the skin, it is not surprising that lack of sleep affects us in the following way:

  • The skin ages before: it does not have as many possibilities to regenerate.
  • The skin care loses luminosity
  • The pores dilate
  • Skin care problems increase
  • increases acne
  • The skin loses its firmness sooner
  • Dark circles appear

In summary: our face looks more tired. Duller and makeup cannot always cover up ongoing fatigue, nor does this benefit our skin care, since it is essential that we take its natural care seriously, and rest is part of the beauty routines that we have to integrate into our day to day.


Tips to Sleep Better and Have a More Rested Skin

You probably already know the basics of getting a better night’s sleep, but let’s summarize them quickly:

  • Always go to bed at the same time (or more or less)
  • Make the room the right temperature
  • Take care of your pillow because it is often the one that does not let us sleep; same for the mattress.
  • Do not eat foods that prevent you from sleeping or hinder your sleep
  • Enjoy an infusion that relaxes you and takes care of your skin, such as fennel infusion, for example.
  • Get away from the screens
  • Do not do sports or activities that can keep your mind active before sleep.

And, of course, don’t forget to apply your night creams. Especially a firming cream with vitamin C, to help you recover the nutrients lost during the day.



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