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Facial Treatment Types of Treatments

If you are looking at the best Facial treatment to provide your facial skin with everything it needs. From extra hydration to a shot of active ingredients against dark circles after days of stress or bad nights of sleep or luminosity for your skin turned off, you will like to discover and try or give away the favorite facial treatments of the TELVA newsroom and favorites in beauty centers.


Facial Hydration Treatment with Oxygen

To improve all skin types, even the most damaged. In addition. We love the facial hydration treatment with oxygen because it provides extra hydration to our tissues, and its effectiveness lies in the combination of technology and specific cosmetics for each skin type and its state at all times. It consists of a sequence of applications of creams, serums, massages, masks, and led light and ends with the application of pure oxygen under pressure. Oxygen captures and neutralizes free radicals and fights the damage caused by them.


Casmara Eye Perfection Treatment for a Rested Look

Moreover. If what you are looking for is to rejuvenate the look and make it look much more rested, we like the Casmara Eye Perfection treatment with a global rejuvenating action for the care of the eye contour that combines growth factors, medicinal botanical extracts, and its skill inspired by carboxytherapy —skilled of rejuvenating the eye contour from the first session. Of course, an essential therapy in times of mask. The best thing is that it rejuvenates and globally beautifies the eye contour, combating the adverse effects of chronic stress, fatigue, and aging from the first session, such as bags, dark circles, and peri orbicular wrinkles.

Oxylight Treatment for an Ultra Glow Effect

Moreover. If you are looking for a complete anti-aging and ultra-glow treatment of the latest generation and zero invasive. In addition. You would like to try the Oxylight treatment. In addition one of the favorites of Hailey Bieber. Irina Shayk, and Madonna, to achieve that juicy and luminous effect on your skin. It has arrived in Spain through the beauty expert Elisabeth Álvarez and the director of INOUT. In addition.  It combines red, green, blue, and yellow LED light, microcurrents, pure oxygen, diamond-tipped microdermabrasion, infusions of vitamins and active ingredients, ultrasound, and negative pressure. It is combined with Is Clinical cosmetics, and the skin is transformed in a single session. There’s are minimized; skin feels smoother and firmer. And the faceless inflamed, with better texture and more hydrated and healthy.

Anti-Age Challenge Facial Treatment by Natura Basse Anti-Flaccidity

Another facial we have tried in the TELVA newsroom is the Natura Basse Anti-Age Challenge treatment. It is a remodeling and firming facial treatment that provides essential nutrients for the skin while redefining the facial oval during a 60-minute ritual. The entire treatment process is formulated to achieve visible anti-aging benefits. From the first cleansing of the face to the application of the final mask.

“After lying on the bench and having my skin examined. Which tends to redden, the cleansing and exfoliation ritual began. In addition. Facial care covers from the forehead to the neckline. This treatment seeks to reshape and firm the facial oval with essential nutrients for the skin.

After an hour of treatment, you get more luminous and juicy skin with an impressive flash effect. I recommend a weekly session for a month.

Imperial Chan Facial Treatment with Lifting Effect

With a session of the Chan facial treatment, an actual lifting effect is achieve. The best thing is that she recovers the use of chopsticks in a massage that works the deep muscles of the face. Toning and draining. And in addition. The most superficial wrinkles are eliminated by oxygenating the tissue and stimulating microcirculation to provide all the nutrients that the dermis needs. With a facial session. A lifting effect eliminates fatigue and stress on the face and is ideal for a special event and follow-up treatment. Includes a caviar and collagen mask, which manages to hydrate, regenerate and nourish the skin. In addition to calming it, floral tonic to balance the ph.  Gentle exfoliation of the skin with a product suitable for each type (acacia resin or calendula oil and salt) and massages on the face, neckline, head and body with creams and treatments according to your skin.

Sublime Facial Treatment from the Beauty Concept for Renewed Skin

The Valmont Sublime facial treatment from The Beauty Concept is a delight for the skin because, with it, you get maximum light on your face. In addition. With a radiant complexion and an extraordinary sensation of deep hydration. “With the application of a luxury range of Valmont products. The treatment is an extrasensory luxury because, beyond recharging the skin with energy and luminosity, it relieves tension on a mental level thanks to the global attention of its experts from the moment you arrive until that you go out.



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