Wear an Oversize Shirt: Oversize shirts are one of the critical garments of the season, but you may be a little lost when it comes to combining them. However, with these style ideas, you will have no doubts.

Whether white or any other color or finish, oversized shirts are very current. But it is possible that due to its shape. You are doubting whether to get one because you are not very clear about how you can wear it without it looking like you have (unintentionally) made the wrong size. Do not panic. The top influencers wear them at ALL hours, and thanks to them. We have come up with a few ideas to combine that we want to share with you and that you will love.

How to Wear an Oversize Shirts: Over shirt

Over an essential or printed t-shirt, you can wear an oversize shirts as an over shirt. It is no mystery and with some simple jeans you will have a very comfortable and stylish look for daily life.

How to Wear an Oversize Shirt: Open and Inside

This way of wearing an oversize shirt seems super original and cool. Just fasten one or two buttons at the bottom and insert it through the waistband of a pair of belted trousers. Underneath is a basic top to wear open with a bare shoulder.

How to Wear an Oversize Shirt: With a Knitted Vest

This combination has convinced us because it again gives us a solution for another “problematic” garment that is very popular this fall: knitted vests or sleeveless sweaters. Together they make a perfect combo that will allow us both to get the most out of the world.

How to Wear an Oversize Shirt: With an Oversize Blazer

Everything oversize is worn, so it is not a bad idea to combine our shirt with another garment that is also oversize. An oversize jacket is a trend so dare with this fashion combo. Of course, to compensate for the silhouette, it is better to choose tight pants.

How to Wear an Oversize Shirt: Over a Turtleneck

We love this style by Gala González because it is ideal for dressing in layers when it is freezing. She wears your oversized shirt over a turtleneck with only one button fastened, adding leather effect pants to the look.

How to Wear an Oversize Shirt: with Leggings

The leggings, and even more so the fuse type, is very current for street looks, and the truth is that sometimes it is also difficult for us to combine them. So please don’t go crazy and wear them with a wide shirt. It is an ideal way to cover the butt with this type of pants that leaves so little to the imagination and is comfortable and stylish.

How to Wear an Oversize Shirt: Tied at the Waist

Just as if it were a cropped top, this way of wearing the widest shirts looks great with high-waisted pants.

How to Wear an Oversize Shirt: On the Shoulders

We can place a fitted top very elegantly open on the shoulders. It is a styling gesture we often see with sweaters and can also be replicated with oversized shirts. In this way, we will give a much more informal touch to a look that we may have worn to work that needs to be updated for the night.

How to Wear an Oversize Shirts: Pajama Mode

Pajama sets are still very current and look great with an oversized shirt. Of course, you must choose matching pants and add a few groundbreaking accessories.

And if you still want more ideas. We leave this video with seven looks for the 7 days of the week with an oversized white shirt.