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Best Shorts to Wear Under Your Dresses

Best Shorts to Wear Under Your Dress: As we are the editors of POPSUGAR, we independently select and write about things we love and think you’ll love too. We may receive an affiliate commission supporting our work if you buy a recommended product.

POPSUGAR contacted the leading brands in the market, including Commando, Skims, Spanx, Wolford, Honey love, and Los Angeles Apparel, to identify their top sellers and specify the type of dress or skirt with which each product is best combine. Read on to discover the fitting shorts for your outfit and recommendations to buy.

How to Find the Shorts Length to Wear Under a Dress

Have a tape measure handy when shopping for girdles. If you know what garment you will layer over the shorts, measure it to ensure it is about two inches longer than the shorts you are buying. Since clothes move when you walk, consider the length of your shorts and how visible they will be. (And if you don’t mind if people see the shorts under your dress, then, well, that’s fine, too.) in the hem length, you seek.

What is the Best Material for Shorts to Wear Under a Dress?

The material of the shorts you choose depends on the dress or skirt you wear underneath. Are you looking for shorts that can be worn under a ribbed fabric? Go for an excellent, sweat-wicking material like nylon. If you’re buying briefs that are likely to be quite visible, a cotton material generally offers an ideal amount of opacity. Look for anti-chafing and anti-pilling features when shopping for shorts, and follow all instructions closely to avoid damaging any material.

What is the Best Color for Shorts to Wear Under a Dress?

When your shorts need to be nearly invisible that is, when you’re going out in a sheer, nude dress opt for shorts that mimic your skin tone. Shop multiple options in two or three different shades to find the best shade in person and try them out under different lighting scenarios (be sure to read the brand’s return policy before placing a bulk order). Are you buying shorts you want to reuse as athletic shorts and wear to the gym? Select the colors you feel most comfortable with, although classic black is often a reliable resource.

shorts to Wear with a Dress

1. Arabella: high waist Girdle

The girdle is made with a mix of nylon and spandex that allows you to smooth your figure without tightening your thighs and belly. You can machine wash it, and its excellent resistance will not be damage.

In addition to the control on your thighs, its high waist also controls your tummy, giving it a flattering effect. For a firmer fit and to look even slimmer, it’s recommend to go one size smaller than you usually wear.

2. Versatile and Fresh Elastic Bands

These seamless girdles provide compressive support to your thighs and hips and a lighter level of control that gives you a slimmer shape without sacrificing comfort.

It has excellent elasticity to adapt to your figure regardless of whether you are slim or plus size. And its breathability will enable you to use it during yoga, pilates, cycling, pole dancing, and much more.

3. Charm Night: Moisture Wicking Girdle

With a high waist and lightweight design, this girdle has a light and boned fabric that will make you feel like a second skin, and you will even forget that you have it on. Its high-cut design also gives you compression in the abdomen.

It compresses and shapes your midsection, butt, and thighs, and its seamless design will allow you to wear it with various shorts and skirts.

4. Cover Girl: Flexible compression Garment

The girdle is made of the best quality Italian fabric, polyamide, and lycra. It has a non-slip waistband, and its soft and breathable feel will keep you cool and comfortable.

It flattens, slims, and sculpts your waist and thighs without sacrificing your freedom of movement because as long as you wear them. You will feel comfortable. In addition, its seam-free design will allow you to wear it under your clothes without being notice.

5. Nobility: Half Body Seam Free Girdle

With a high-cut push-up style and double-layer fabrics. This girdle is made with polyamide, spandex, and cotton and is super solid and durable.


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