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Why Poppi Soda is Popping Up Everywhere

Have you noticed those colorful Poppi soda cans popping up everywhere recently? That bubbly burst of flavor is taking the world by storm. The company behind Poppi, founded just a few years ago by a couple of college kids, has skyrocketed into a multibillion-dollar business. But how did they do it?

With a bit of luck, many smarts, and some serious hustle, these entrepreneurs built Poppi into a global phenomenon. They started small by testing funky flavors on their friends, and word spread quickly. Before they knew it, Poppi had gone viral. Now, you can find those iconic cans in stores, restaurants, and vending machines in over 50 countries.

Not bad for a bit of startup from the Midwest, right? In a world of big soda, Poppi found a way to think small, keep it accurate, and give the people something fresh. You have to respect that kind of passion and persistence. No wonder we can’t get enough of this stuff. The founders have bottled that indie spirit and every sip tastes possible.

What is Poppi Soda?

Poppi soda is a naturally flavored sparkling water with a kick of caffeine and zero calories.

What is Poppi Soda_

What’s in Poppi?

Poppi contains carbonated water, natural flavors, citric acid, and caffeine from green coffee beans. That’s it – no sugar, no artificial colors or preservatives. Just refreshing bubbles, delicious flavors like Peach Mango and Pomegranate Blueberry, and 70mg of caffeine per can to give you a boost.

The story behind the Poppi soda

Poppi is more than just another soda. This bubbly drink has a backstory as refreshing as its taste.

The Origins

Allison and Stephen Ellsworth

Poppi was founded in 2016 by husband-and-wife team Allison and Stephen Ellsworth. As parents of two young kids, they were frustrated by the lack of natural soda options that didn’t contain high amounts of sugar, artificial colors, or fake sugar substitutes. They created a naturally sweetened soda using natural fruit and botanical extracts. After months of testing recipes in their home kitchen, they finally achieved the perfect blend of tart and sweet with Poppi Clementine and Poppi Ginger Zest.

Bursting onto the Scene

Poppi launched online in 2020 and spread like wildfire, gaining a cult following from health-conscious soda lovers. Home delivery helped build demand, and Poppi was soon carried in over 2,000 stores across the US, including well-known natural grocery chains. The company grew over 700% in its first year alone due to the enormous appetite for an honest, low-sugar soda alternative.

Why is Poppi so popular?

There are a few reasons why Poppi soda is popping up everywhere:

  1. It’s refreshing. The carbonation and fruit flavors quench your thirst and liven up your taste buds.
  2. It gives you energy. With 70mg of caffeine from green coffee beans, Poppi provides a smooth pick-me-up without the crash.
  3. It’s guilt-free. You can enjoy Poppi anytime at only ten calories and 2g of sugar per can without wrecking your diet or health goals.
  4. It comes in unique flavors. In addition to Peach Mango and Pomegranate Blueberry, look out for Watermelon Mint, Black Cherry, and Mandarin Orange. New flavors are released every few months based on customer feedback.
  5. It’s all-natural. Poppi is made from simple, high-quality ingredients and natural flavors – nothing artificial.

With so many benefits and an affordable price, it’s easy to see why Poppi soda has become such a popular alternative to sugary soft drinks and a staple of balanced, active lifestyles. Grab a cold can and see for yourself!

The Unique Benefits of Drinking Poppi

The Unique Benefits of Drinking Poppi

Poppi soda is popping up everywhere for good reason. This bubbly beverage offers unique benefits you won’t find in your typical soft drink.

Natural, Organic Ingredients

Poppi uses only the highest quality organic ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Their craft sodas are made from cold-pressed juices, organic cane sugar, and natural extracts. You can pronounce all the ingredients – no scary chemicals here.

Low Sugar and Calories

While Poppi sodas are sweetened with organic cane sugar, they contain only 60-80 calories and 12-16 grams of sugar per can. It is at least half the sugar of most mainstream sodas. The natural fruit juices provide plenty of flavor without added sugar.

Unique, Sophisticated Flavors

Poppi offers more adventurous flavors like hibiscus berry, orange cardamom and lemongrass mint if you’re bored of the same old colas and lemon limes. These complex yet refreshing flavors appeal to a more sophisticated palate and make for a premium drinking experience.

Giving Back

For every case of Poppi sold, they donate to providing fresh drinking water in developing countries. By supporting this eco-friendly brand, you’ll also support its mission to hydrate the world.

With its natural, premium ingredients, lower sugar, and thirst-quenching flavors, Poppi craft soda is a brighter and more socially-conscious choice for refreshment. Pop one open and enjoy all the benefits of this better-for-you bubbly drink.

Poppi’s Innovative Flavor Options

Poppi Soda offers unique and innovative flavor options unlike anything else on the market.

Adventurous Flavors

Poppi produces flavors you likely never tried before in a soda. Some of their offerings include:

  • Blueberry Lavender: The floral essence of lavender pairs surprisingly well with the tangy sweetness of blueberries. This calming yet refreshing combo is perfect for unwinding in the evening.
  • Pear & Ginger: The spicy zing of ginger is balanced by the mellow sweetness of pears in this palate-pleasing option. The ginger adds a little heat without being overpowering.
  • Strawberry Rhubarb: The tartness of rhubarb couples splendidly with ripe strawberries. This nostalgic flavor combination tastes like summer in a bottle.

Poppi’s audacious flavors stand out in a sea of colas and lemon limes. They are ideal for the taste adventurous looking to venture beyond typical soda flavors.

Natural Ingredients

Poppi Soda uses only natural, organic ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Their flavors are crafted from fruit, spices, herbs, and botanicals. The sodas contain just a handful of ingredients you can pronounce and recognize.

Made with ingredients like cold-pressed fruit juices, organic cane sugar, and exotic spices, Poppi has a pure, handcrafted taste you won’t find in mainstream sodas. Poppi is a refreshing natural alternative for those concerned about what’s in their soda.

With its natural, gourmet flavors and upscale feel, Poppi Soda is revolutionizing the soda category and popping up everywhere. Once you try it, you all see why.

Will Poppi Soda Become the Next Big Soda Brand?

Will Poppi Soda Become the Next Big Soda Brand_

Poppi soda seems to be popping up everywhere these days. This colorful, retro-style soda comes in unique flavors like Blackberry Hibiscus and Blood Orange Mint. With its stylish design and clever marketing, Poppi has quickly become a brand, especially among younger consumers and influencers.

Will this indie soda company become the next big thing?

Poppi launched just a few years ago but has gained a cult following. Their sodas are sold online, in select boutique stores, and in major retailers like Target. With the rise of sparkling water and craft sodas, the timing was perfect for Poppi to splash.

The brand has also been smart with social media, frequently collaborating with popular influencers, photographers, and designers. This grassroots, word-of-mouth marketing has been key to Poppi’s success. Their colorful, curated feed makes you want to try their uniquely flavored sodas and be part of the club.

That said, becoming the next major soda brand is challenging today’s competitive market. While Poppi is trendy now, consumer tastes are constantly changing. The big soda companies also have substantial marketing budgets and distribution channels that will be hard to match.

Still, Poppi seems poised to continue expanding. They recently closed a round of funding to increase production, hire new staff, and grow into more stores nationwide. International distribution may also be on the horizon.

Poppi’s distinct flavors, stylish brand, and social media savvy have brought them this far. With the right moves, this indie soda company could someday join the ranks of the big brands. You can feel good supporting a small business with a big vision for now. Poppi may be the soda of the future.


So next time you reach into the fridge for a cold drink on a hot day, why not grab a poppi? Their colorful cans and variety of fruit-infused flavors are hard to resist. Not to mention that they’re popping up on shelves and in fridges everywhere. Before you know it, you’ll be hooked. And you’ll understand why Poppi soda is becoming the drink of choice for people looking to quench their thirst in a fun, flirty way. The only downside is that with so many tasty options to choose from, you may have trouble picking a favorite. So go on, take your first sip of Poppi. You can thank us later.

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