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Non-Surgical Nose Job: Rhinoplasty The Dream Nose

Some people drag centers throughout their lives, which does not allow them to be fully happy. The nose is usually one of those parts of the face that takes the cake in this complex. Not necessarily having an aquiline. Very wide, or deviated Non Surgical Nose nose is synonymous with complexes and disagreement with the physical appearance of the face. Still, it is a reality that we find many people self-conscious about the structure of their noses throughout the years. Years.

On numerous occasions, this complex is dragged out for fear of the operating room, enduring rhinoplasty, and facing the blade. But, a few years ago. A technique appeared that corrected minor, aesthetic defects of the Non-Surgical nose without requiring to go through the operating room. We are talking about rhino modeling. An alternate to rhinoplasty? The solution to any aesthetic or functional problem of the nose? The temporary or definitive answer? At Otosalud Clinic, we solve your doubts about rhinoplasty so that you can achieve the dream nose without a scalpel.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic medical treatment that does not require surgery and allows for correcting, through slight infiltrations of hyaluronic acid, some minor aesthetic defects of the Non-Surgical nose, such as the profile of an aquiline or the tip of the fallen nose.

The main objective of rhinoplasty is to straighten the back or profile of the patient’s nose to visually reduce the nasal bridge, also known as the aquiline nose, or raise the fallen tip of the nose. Therefore, the leading aesthetic corrections achieved with rhinoplasty are correcting the nasal profile and modifying the lowered guidance.

There are two types of rhinoplasty, permanent and temporary. At the Otosalud Clinic in Ciudad Real, we recommend temporary rhinoplasty since applying permanent fillers can cause long-term problems. The results of temporary rhinoplasty are maintain over time from 9 to 12 months, approximately.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

The hyaluronic acid injected into the Non-Surgical nose when the patient undergoes rhinoplasty is a molecule that is naturally present in our body, especially in the skin, cartilage, and joints. Therefore, it is a type of filler that has proven to be safe for health in most cases, although it should always be a professional of medicine and cosmetic surgery who applies the fill. Therefore, hyaluronic acid is a temporary filler that is biocompatible with the human body that our body gradually reabsorbs, which is safe for health.

How is the Rhinoplasty Technique Performed? – Non-Surgical Nose

Rhinoplasty consists of the infiltration of small amounts of hyaluronic acid through microinjections that equalize and rectify the profile of the Non-Surgical nose. First, the plastic and aesthetic surgery professional will perform a preliminary study of the patient’s features to determine the form and proportion in which the infiltrations will be carried out.

The first consultation is free at the Otosalud Clinic in Ciudad Real. In this consultation, the medical staff will evaluate the patient’s particular situation and show him the options to treat his problem.

After this earlier study, in which the patient’s wishes and the real possibilities will be share. The “before” pictures would be taken to set the aesthetic objectives with the patient. Then, once the treatment is done, the “after” photos will be taken to compare the results.

Then we proceed to clean and disinfect the area to be treat. We apply a local anesthetic cream and, once it has had its effect, we begin with infiltrations through microinjections that fill the slight depressions in the patient’s Non-Surgical nose with hyaluronic acid. With these fillers, we soften the angles to harmonize the profile. Soften the bridge or back of the nose, and modify the rise of the tip of the nose to raise it.

Once the hyaluronic acid has been infiltrate. We massage the Non-Surgical nose to shape it and thus achieve the grades we are looking for for. Thanks to the surgical practice and anatomical knowledge of the medical team at Clinical Otosalud in Ciudad Real, through rhinoplasty, we achieve harmonic results without modifying the facial features that characterize each person and make them unique. Instead, we respect the essence of each face, harmonizing and beautifying it.

Can Rhinoplasty Replace Conventional Rhinoplasty?

In no case can rhinoplasty replace conventional rhinoplasty. In other words, they are treatments that the facial plastic and cosmetic surgery professional has at their disposal to apply according to the needs of each patient. One option or another is indicate; We are not talking about treatments that are substitutes.

The results achieve with rhinoplasty cannot be compare with those obtain. With conventional rhinoplasty, the structure of the Non-Surgical nose can be modifies entirely. In other words, with this surgical intervention, both the soft and bony parts of the nose can be change. So its size is reduce; we can reduce the nasal wings, raise the tip. Narrow the base of the nose, eliminate the nasal hump bridge. We can reduce the bridge or correct septal deviations to improve the patient’s breathing.

However, with rhinoplasty we will never be able to reduce the size of a nose or modify its structure in terms of the bony or soft parts . Rhino modeling allows for correcting slight defects to harmonize the profile of the Non-Surgical nose with a pronounced bridge or a fallen tip. It is about adjusting the patient’s face without requiring surgical intervention when the changes claimed are not so substantial.

10 Recommendations of Otosalud Clinic – Non-Surgical Nose

  • At the Otosalud Clinical Facial Aesthetics and Comprehensive Health Medical Center in Ciudad Real. We recommend temporary rhinoplasty in which we infiltrate the patient with absorbable hyaluronic acid fillers by the body in 9-12 months.
  • We do not recommend rhinoplasty in huge noses since this aesthetic. Medicine treatment does not allow their size to be reduce.
  • We also do not recommend this technique in those people who want to change the bone structure of their Non-Surgical nose.
  • Rhinoplasty should be perform on people over 17 years of age since it is the moment we estimate that the Non-Surgical nose is form.
  • After treatment, a review should be conduct after the first ten days.
  • After treatment, do not wear glasses or touch your nose for 48 hours.
  • Avoid saunas and facials for a week after treatment.
  • Do not perform intense sports activity in the week after rhinoplasty.
  • During the first 10 days after the treatment, you may notice the area of ​​​​the nose reddened or slightly inflamed. These effects fall within normality.
  • As an associated treatment, with the remodeling of the chin (chin) added to the rhino modeling treatment. We can achieve a much more harmonious facial profile. In cases where there is no balance between both parts of the face.

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