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12 Traditional Pattu Sarees Blouse: Back Neck Designs

Pattu sarees blouse are the ones that keep the tradition well. It’s excellent at zari, embroidery, and heavy work. These sarees are often reserve for unique invitations and occasions like weddings. Your blouse should always match the style and beauty of the saree you choose. Pattu saree these days is easy to find, but the whole show is technically ruined if you don’t pick the right design for your choice. Sarees are really well known and very popular, especially in South India. The blouse is in the same demand so that the price may go up a bit, but nothing you can’t afford. Your saree must have an attractive blouse to match.

Here are the top 12 pattu sari blouse back neck designs options you have waiting in line.

Deep Neck Blue Blouse:

The first back neck blouse design for the pattu saree is a beautiful backless style. Here, the style is more elegant, with stones surrounding the round slot. This design is perfect for women who choose to be daring despite following traditions.

Green Blouse for Pattu Sarees:

We can assume that the beautiful and intricate stonework is the first thing you notice about the bodice here. It looks like it will suit the bride due to the design, and almost every inch of the bodice is cover.

Orange Pattu Saree Blouse:

The list of Pattu blouse back neck designs cannot be left without this beautiful design. The entire pattern on the back is as artistic as it gets. This one is faultless for the pattu saree you have kept reserved on your shelf for your wedding day.

Deep V Neckline Top:

This blouse drive be a important attention if you are watching for a back neckline—designs for pattu blouses. Unfortunately, the prestigious look of the blouse can make it an expensive purchase despite the simplicity, but if you ask, you’ll find out how almost everyone thinks it was worth the price they had to pay.

Boat Neck Pattu Saree Blouse:

The only design you see here is a bold move because it’s nearly backless. So it is better to use it with low embroidery. pattu sarees as that allows the blouse its share of attention.

Red And Gold Pattu Saree Blouse:

Another back-neck pattu saree blouse design from the classic book look, this blouse will surely bring out the greatest features in you once you wear it with a pattu saree. It shouldn’t be too hard to visualize yourself in this one if you’re more of a traditional type.

Red Hook Back Blouse:

This traditional blouse has preserved all the nuances of sobriety. If you believe in defending everything related to your ethnic group, this blouse will be your ideal choice for the day. The jacket-style sleeves look attractive and are shimmer with a reddish tint, contrasting the overall look forever.

Blue Slit Blouse:

Moreover. With a royal blue color and embroidery like that, do we need to sing praises to this halter neck pattern blouse for pattu sarees? He speaks a lot for himself and is probably convince enough.

Deep Neck Blue Silk Top:

A pattu saree with a satin top is one of the oldest amalgamations, and here we present you with a plunging neck blouse with a twisted thread for a change. Look at the small stones everywhere, making the blouse look more attractive.

Blue Lace-up Embroidered Top:

The silver thread work on the sleeves is a defining factor for the blouse design you see here. It’s modern yet equally unusual with the distinctive set of blue strings found on the triangular neck design.

Deep Neck Long Sleeve Blouse:

The color combination of this pattu sari back neck blouse design model is very different and thus interesting to look at. It will surely draw attention to you due to the beautifully embroidered bodice and deep neckline lifting the oomph.

Pure Neckline Pattu Saree Blouse:

No one can and will want to attack having their full attention on you with this top on the list. Amongst the back neck blouse designs for pattu sarees. This one has a touch of difference as it is elegant yet contemporary.

Many women lean towards to compromise on the quality of the blouse they choose with their pattu sari assuming that the sari will do the job, but that is the thing with expensive sarees; their blouses must also be more than perfect. So while you will be responsible for the top you choose, you can use that to your advantage and pick the ideal ones that match your style, so you don’t have to settle for something you don’t want to see yourself in.

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