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12 Beautiful Japanese Women – 2024


Beautiful Women: here is 12 Beautiful Japanese Women: What is it about these young women that makes them so unique? Are the canons of beauty in Japan the same as those in Europe and America? Today we are going to find out.

If you are also fascinated by Japanese culture and want to know more about the most follow Asian girls on the internet, this compilation interests you.

We have not been the ones who have chosen the most beautiful Women celebrities in Japan. The number of followers in social networks that each has spoken for themselves.

1. Ayase Haruka

Haruka Ayase is a native of Hiroshima. Although on March 24, she turned 31 and has worked as an actress since 2000, she has also gained popularity as a singer with titles like Period, Kosaten Days in 2006, and Hikoki Gumo in 2007. In addition, she was a star in dramas like Boku no Ikiru Michi and movies like Cyborg Girl, Ichi, and Happy Flight, among others. In 2011, she has a breakout performance in the JIN series, the story of a modern-day doctor who mysteriously travels to the era of the samurai. But Ayase’s big project is underway as the protagonist of the NHK fiction series “Moribito, the Guardian of the Spirit,” in which she plays the heroine Balsa. The first four chapters were broadcast last March.

2. Aragaki Yui

Yui Aragaki was born in Naha, Okinawa, on June 11, 1988. She will be 28 years old and in the prime of her career. In 2015, she garnered public attention for her performance in the TV drama Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku. In addition based on a manga by Taiwanese illustrator VOFAN. She started her career in 2001 and gained fame by participating in famous theaters like Koizora and Hanamizuki. In addition, as a singer, she has released the album Sora and the single Heavenly Days and Memories, which was the song of Tokyo Serendipity. Japanese critics also recognize her expressive force as a fashion and advertising model.

3. Horikita Maki

Maki Horikita. She was born in Tokyo, and she is 27 years old, 160cm tall, type A blood, and has been married since 2015 to actor Koji Yamamoto. She debuted in 2003 with solid dramas: Dobutsu no Odisha-san and Keitai Deka Zenigata Mai. Her face has been the image of large advertising campaigns for NTT, NTT Docomo, Lotte, Suzuki, or recently, until March 2016, Tokyo Metro. In 2007 she was Vogue Japan Woman of the Year, and in 2009 and 2013, she was chosen as one of the best dress in Japan.

4. Ishihara Satomi

Ishihara Satomi is an actress who continues to win recognition for her talent and beauty. She debuted in 2003 in the NHK drama Mado o Aketara. Moreover She won awards in 2005 for her performance in Water Boys 2, and in 2010, Vogue Japan magazine chose her as Woman of the Year. TC Candler, the famous US film critic site, has surrendered to Satomi and, since 2013, has included her among the 100 Most Beautiful Faces Women of World Cinema. That year she was rank 32nd; in 2014, she was ranked 25th, and last year she was number 19.

5. Arimura Kasumi

Kasumi Arimura, 23 years old and 160cm tall, was consider the Ideal Woman of young Japanese salarymen in March this year. Her acting career started in 2010, and she has an impressive number of appearances in movies, TV series, and commercials. She has acted in Amachan, Otasukeya Jinpachi, and Clover, as well as films like I am a Hero and Strobe Edge, which has earned her recognition as one of the best actresses of the moment.

6. Kitagawa Keiko

Keiko Kitagawa is at the top of fame and fulfillment in life. In January of this year, she married the well-known singer and model DAIGO, and this April, Kose, the great manufacturer of beauty products in Japan, In addition has chosen her among the ten most beautiful women in the country who will participate in its advertising campaign that will celebrate its 70 years of foundation. Kitagawa has acted in films like Tokyo Drift, a Fast and Furious version.

7. Hasebe Yu

Yu Hasebe, 30 years old. Born in Gifu. She is a singer, actress, and model who started her artistic life in 1999 as a member of the J-Pop trio “Dream.” It wasn’t until 2004 that Hasebe made her acting debut, appearing in series and movies such as Girl’s Box, Backdancers! and Love Psycho.

8. Nagasawa Masami

Masami Nagasawa is from Iwata, Shizuoka. She is an actress and model who is the daughter of a soccer coach. In 2012 she was chosen as the Most Beautiful Women in Japan. In addition She is 27 years old and has a meaningful career as a TV and film actress. She has starred in movies like Gunjo and Godzilla and has appeared in dramas like Dragon Zakura and Last Friends. In February this year, she was award for her performance in Umimachi Diary.

9. Honda Tsubasa

Tsubasa Honda, a Tokyo model that debuted in 2006. Her debut as an actress was in 2011 in the TBS series Akashiya Sanma no Zutto Anata ga Suki Datta. Since then, she has done several jobs for television and film. In 2015 she was the protagonist of Terminal, an award-winning movie abroad.

10. Ueto Aya

Aya Ueto is a successful idol married to Hiro, a producer and former leader of the group Exile. Moreover She started as a singer of the Z-1, and today she is a good actress and a listed model. In addition She is seen in the Softbank ad as the daughter of the famous dog, which is the telephone operator’s image. She debuted in acting in 2000 in the drama Namida wo Fuite, and she participated in several films as Azumi, with which she achieved international recognition.

11. Iwasa Mayuko

Mayuko Iwasa was born in Nerima, Tokyo, and works as an actress and model. In 2003 she was elected Miss Magazine, Moreover and in 2005 she receive the Graph Award at the 42nd Golden Arrow Award. Moreover That same year Iwasa recorded a duet song with Naoya Ogawa called Katte ni Shinryakusha. In 2014, at 27, she published a nude book.

12. Nakama Yukie

Yukie Nakama is the daughter of fishermen and the last of five children from Urasoe in Okinawa. At 35 years old, she is considere one of the most beautiful Women and talented women in the world of acting and music. Moreover Her first single was release in 1996, and in 2000 she debuted as an actress in the drama Trick. In addition which ran for three seasons on Japanese TV. In 2005 she was the exclusive image of Lux shampoo, and that same year her hair was chosen in a national survey as the most beautiful Women in Japan. This year she appears on TV dressed in red, promoting a beauty cream.

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