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Dulcoflex Dosage & How to Take Ingredients of Dulcoflex

This is the dosage of Dulcoflex given in most cases. However, please reminisce that every patient and their case may be different. Hence, the dose of Dulcoflex may vary depending on the disease, mode of administration, patient age, medical history, and other factors.

Dulcoflex Information

Dulcoflex is a prescription drug that is available in the form of suppositories and tablets—mainly used for constipation. Apart from this, Dulcoflex can also be use for some other problems. Detailed information about them given below.

The dosage of Dulcoflex to be taken completely depends on the patient’s weight, gender, age, and previous medical history. Its correct dosage also depends on the patient’s primary problem and how the medicine being given to him. This information is provided in detail in the dosage section.

There are also some other disadvantages of Dulcoflex, which are written in the side effects section. In general, the side effects of Dulcoflex are not long-lasting and tend to get better once the treatment is over. However, if these side effects get inferior or do not disappear, talk to your doctor immediately.

Dulcoflex has a moderate effect on pregnant women and is safe for breastfeeding women. However, knowing whether Dulcoflex’s affects the kidney, liver, or heart is essential. These side effects, if any, are liste in the Dulcoflex’s warnings section.

In addition to these, do not take Dulcoflex’s if you have any of the problems listed below.

Also, taking Dulcoflex’s with certain drugs can lead to serious side effects. Below is a complete list of such medicines.

Apart from the precautions mentioned above, remember that Dulcoflex’s is unsafe to use while driving and is not addictive.

Dulcoflex Related Cautions

  • Is the use of Dulcoflex safe for pregnant women?

If there is any side effect of Dulcoflex’s on pregnant women, then immediately stop taking it. After this, start it again only after consulting the doctor.

  • Is the use of Dulcoflex safe during breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding women do not have any harmful effects from Dulcoflex’s.

  • What is the result of Dulcoflex’s on the Kidneys?

You can take Dulcoflex’s without any fear. It is safe for a kidney.

  • What is the result of Dulcoflex’ son the liver?

Consumption of Dulcoflex’s will not cause any harm to your liver.

  • What is the result of Dulcoflex’s on the Heart?

The Dulcoflex’s is safe for the heart.

Dulcoflex Severe Interaction with Other Medicines

Dulcoflex would not be taken with the following medicines due to plain side effects it may cause to patients –

Calcium Carbonate

  • Shelcal HD 12 Tablet (15)
  • Gemcal 500 Capsule
  • Gemsoline Soft Gelatin Capsule (15)
  • Gemcal XT Tablet


  • Ruticool Cream
  • Cutisoft Cream 10gm
  • Keralin Ointment
  • Genticyn Eye Drop


  • Asenapt 10 Tablet
  • Asenapt 5 Tablet
  • Asenapine Tablet
  • Welenuf Tablet

Aspirin Azithromycin

  • Azee 500 Mg Vaccination
  • Azee XL 200 Mg Thirsty Syrup
  • Azee XL 100 Mg Thirsty Syrup 30 ml
  • Azee 500 Mg Tablet (5)

Dulcoflex’s Contraindications

This is to say. In addition Do not take Dulcoflex’s if you have any of these diseases, as it may worsen your condition. If you are sorrow from any of the following diseases, you should not take Dulcoflex’s unless your doctor recommends you to do so

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