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The pH of the Skin: How to Keep it Balanced

On the surface of the skin, there is a thin protective layer that is essential for our skin to stay healthy and healthy. pH imbalances in the skin cause this layer of protection to not work correctly and leave our skin more vulnerable and unprotected. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen this protective barrier by keeping the skin’s pH balanced.

Before seeing how we can keep the pH of the skin balance, you should be clear about the following:

What is pH

pH (potential of hydrogen) measures how acidic or alkaline (basic) a substance or aqueous solution is. To obtain this measurement. a scale from 0 to 14 is use, with 7 being the neutral value (distilled water).

  • 8 to 14: alkaline pH (the basic one)
  • 7: neutral pH
  • 0 to 6: acidic pH

Values ​​above 7 (neutral pH) indicate that the substance is alkaline, and values ​​below 7 indicate that it is acidic.

Moreover. It should be clarified that in the cosmetic industry. the concept of neutral pH for the skin is use. whose value is 5.5. As you can see. this value on the scale is not neutral but acid. but the value is accepted as neutral for cosmetic products dedicate to skin care.

What pH Does the Skin Have?

The skin has an acidic pH, and depending on the person and area of ​​the body. Its value can range between 4 and 6.

The optimal average value for healthy skin is estimated to be slightly below 5.

Why is pH Important for the Skin?

Moreover. In the epidermis (insincere layer of the skin). there is a thin hydrolipidic layer form mainly by water and fat, which is called the acid mantle.

This acid mantle, as its name suggests. has an acidic pH and acts as the first line of defense for the skin. Creating a protective barrier.

Acid Mantle Functions

In addition. The functions of this acid mantle for the skin are many and essential. In addition. To highlight a few:

  • Protects the skin from harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
  • It allows the correct development and balance of the microbial flora of the skin.
  • Keeps skin soft and supple.
  • Protects the skin from internal dehydration.

What can Alter the pH of the Skin

The skin’s pH can be altered by multiple factors, both internal (genetics, age, hormones…) and external (cosmetics, detergents, cleansers, pollution, water…).

Consequences of an Unbalanced pH on the Skin

When the skin’s pH becomes unbalance and becomes more alkaline or too acidic, the skin’s protective barrier weakens.

This makes the skin more unprotected and expose to external aggressions. thus facilitating the appearance of infections, dermatitis. Inflammation, dehydration, acne, and dry and scaly skin. To avoid this damage and that the functions of the skin are not alter. it is essential to maintain a balanced ph.

How to Keep the pH of the Skin Balanced

In addition. Given the importance of pH for the skin to remain healthy. it’s time to know: how to keep it balance?

These five measures will help you keep your pH balanced:

  1. Choose the products you use for your skin wisely. always choose those that are more respectful of the natural pH of the skin. In addition. To do this, check that their label indicates that they have a neutral pH for the skin or a pH value as close to 5. Avoid products with irritating ingredients.
  2. Please do not wash the skin excessively: when we pass it excessively. we weaken the acid mantle that protects it, and we do not give. It time to restore itself naturally. In the article « how to cleanse the face without damaging it, » you can find more information.
  3. Use a toner after your cleansing ritual: facial toners. In addition to hydrating the skin and preparing it for subsequent treatment, help restore the skin’s pH after cleansing.
  4. Do not abuse exfoliations: to help the skin get rid of dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the epidermis. It is advisable to do regular exfoliations. But. If you abuse them, they can seriously damage the skin’s acid mantle.
  5. Eat a good diet and avoid stress: In addition. A varied and healthy diet with a predominance of fruits and vegetables provides the skin with the necessary nutrients for the proper functioning and balance of the acid mantle. On the contrary, factors such as stress alter its proper functioning.

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