Both the beginners and the advanced in nail art always ask ourselves, and we are in search of the new and best products that allow us to make the best nail decorations. Here is a list that could be very useful when choosing our products.


– Enamels: Good quality enamels facilitate the application; the colors are brighter, dry much faster, and the manicure lasts longer.

–  Acrylic nail art paint: If what we want is to design, acrylic paint is essential. It comes in many colors, both elemental and metallic, that allow us to make thousands of designs. This product is of maximum duration since we only use a few drops for each design. It also comes in different levels of thickness that we operate according to the technique. It allows us to perform procedures such as one stroke, Britto art, gradient, and many more.

–  Brushes: Indispensable for nail art. there is an excellent variety of brushes that facilitate us and allow us to make practically all forms.

– Top Coat or glitter: It is essential to fix the decorations and cover the designs, allowing a longer duration.

– Tools: dotting’s or punches, tweezers, cuticle cutter, orange stick.

– Decorations to paste: strass or decorative stones, glitters, famous.

– Stickers: 3D, decorative tapes, lace, full nail sticker. Truly easy to apply.
– Water stickers or decals

Benefits of Manicure and Pedicure – Nail

Our hands and feet are visible to dirt and weather daily, perhaps more than other parts of our body (except the face), making them more vulnerable to damage. This means they collect a ton of grime and grime, and washing is never enough. Do you want to know what magic they do? It would help if you had manicure and pedicure tools at hand.

  • Manicures and pedicures help exfoliate the skin and also help remove any calluses on the feet.
  • They will help keep your nails clean and tidy, preventing fungal infections.
  • Brushing your nails will prevent them from breaking or breaking painfully. It also prevents dry cuticles, dangling nails, or broken skin.
  • Massage is part of the process and helps increase blood circulation, which means you’re less likely to develop wrinkles on your hands over the years and get rid of any swelling, numbness, or pain.
  • It is a tremendous anti-stress.

Aren’t they tangible benefits? And the good news is that you don’t always have to rush to the salon to reap the benefits of a manicure and pedicure (unless you want to). Still, for those who want to save money or time and find a way to do the work at home, we’re going to make the lives a little easier with our detailed piece on the tools you need, how to use them, and all the jazz in between.


List of Essential Manicure and Pedicure Tools

So let’s start with the supplies and instructions. It would be best if you had manicure and pedicure tools and utensils to give your hands and feet a salon-like treatment right at home; you need these basic supplies that you can easily find in the market:

Note: Please sterilize your grooming tools with alcohol or Dettol before and after use.

  • nail cutter
  • cuticle pusher
  • cuticle nipper
  • nail buffer
  • nail file
  • Pumice stone/Foot file
  • Nailbrush
  • toe separator
  • oregano wood stick
  • gentle scrub
  • pedicle
  • A sink or foot bucket
  • A finger bowl
  • warm soapy water
  • Cuticle oil/ Olive oil
  • Hand cream
  • foot cream
  • Nail polish (optional)