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Weight Gain and Muscle Gain in a Healthy Way

In the diet to weight gain, you must consume more calories than the body spends. Which can be achieved by eating every 3 hours. Avoiding skipping meals, and adding healthy, nutritious, and caloric. Foods to the diet such as olive oil, fruit smoothies, oatmeal, avocado, and nuts.

However. It is essential to emphasize that even if the diet aims to gain weight. The consumption of processed foods such as French fries, soft drinks, and sauces. For example, should not be increased. These foods are rich in honey and saturated fats. Which favor increased body fat and the risk of heart problems, cholesterol, and high triglycerides.

Preferably, the weight gain is due to the increase in muscle mass. Which can be obtained by following a balanced diet and physical activity, since this way, the body remains defined and healthy.

Be Patient With The Results

The changes will not be visible after the first, second, or third routine. What matters is that you are constant and stay motivated because that is the only way the results will show.

Prioritize the quality of your food before the quantity

A healthy diet is essential for gaining muscle mass. Although junk food is high in calories, it is best to focus on foods that provide nutrients in addition to calories, for example, legumes, rice, nuts, meat, fish, and avocado.

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Distribute What You Eat

If you’re looking to gain weight, try not to concentrate all of your caloric intake on the three daily meals. You can distribute the food mid-morning and afternoon as well. It is essential that you feel satisfied without skipping any meal and without overeating. Remember that you can increase the portions that you consume evenly since starting to eat in large quantities can cause a counterproductive effect.

Finally, remember that, like any training routine, the results depend on your commitment to your body. You can keep a diary of your eating habits, as well as the time you spend exercising.

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 Tips for Healthy Weight Gain:

1. Include Protein in all Meals

Proteins are present rich in foods such as meat, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese, and yogurt, and it is essential to make snacks with efficient combinations such as a chicken and cheese sandwich with whole wheat bread or toast with cheese.

2. Eat At Least Three Fruits Every Day

Consuming at least three fruits per day and eating salad at lunch and dinner helps increase the number of vitamins and minerals in the diet. Which is essential for the proper functioning of the metabolism and to promote weight gain and fat loss—muscle mass.

Fruits can be consume fresh, in the form of juices or smoothies, or dried fruits, and can be include in snacks or as a dessert for lunch or dinner.

What Not to Eat

It is essential that weight gain is based on a varied and balanced diet, avoiding the intake of processed foods rich in sugars or saturated fats. Some foods are snacks, sausages, bacon, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, sauces in general, sweets, chicken thighs, soft drinks, pasteurized juices, cakes, cookies, fast foods, and fried foods, among others.

The consumption of this type of food can favor weight gain due to the accumulation of fat in the body and not due to the increase in muscle mass, which in the long term could cause health problems.

How Long Can it Take to Gain Weight?

The average time it takes to gain muscle mass and gain weight is about six months. But in 3 months, you can already see some changes. Though, this varies from person to person since it will depend on the diet and whether or not you do physical activity that favors muscle growth. Please find out how long it takes you to gain muscle mass.

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