Sweatpants: Wearing sportswear outside the gym raises questions about how to wear this outfit. In Culture Urbana Shop, we will give you some ideas on ways to wear sports pants and achieve an urban look. If you apply these tips, the results will surprise you, and you will be in the fashion spiral.


Pants with stripes on the Sides, From the Gym to the Streets

One of the pieces still in trend is the pants with lines on the sides. It is all the rage among celebrities. So he has left the gym to have a good time on the streets of our cities.

Combining them with some elements, you will achieve an urban and sophisticated look. His appearance occurred in 2015, and since then, he has not wanted to disappear from the streets. It has become one of the most sought-after garments on the internet. The most representative is the Adidas Black Pants for women.

These pants have many possibilities to combine, although it seems complicated to become an essential member of any wardrobe.

The colors will depend on your tastes. What makes the difference is that the side stripes stylize the figure. The tightest is perfect for the night, even more so if they are made with shiny fabrics or leather. These materials give it a chic touch.

While the wide ones, with rustic fabrics, are for the day. Those made of dress fabric adapt to the most elegant style allowed for the office if this is your case.


Ways to Wear Sweatpants and Achieve an Urban Look

The protagonist taken by sports Sweatpants should not be taken lightly. To be in the trend, we must add it to our wardrobe as a fundamental piece. Nowadays, these garments are combine with other more structured ones to achieve an urban style. Buying women’s pants has become more accessible due to the variety that exists, don’t limit yourself.

If you wear this type of pants, pay attention to specific details. One of the keys to looking stunning in one of these is making it blend in with the other pieces. The pants should have a neutral and darker tone so that the upper garment stands out. On the other hand, for a more elegant outfit, the ideal is blazers, shirts, and a more rigid bag.


Women: How to Wear Stylish Sweatpants

Given the appearance of athleisure, which is the trend of combining fashion and sports garments for greater comfort, several styles have emerged. Adapt your ordinary outfit to sports pants.

Leggings, joggers, and those with stripes on the sides are worn with heels or platforms for a chic touch. They are also worn with sport-soled dress shoes or flat heels. Wearing them with sneakers with urban touches is another good choice, as are point or chunky heels.

These pants are also mix with coats, leather jackets, hats, handbags, and flat boots.

In winter, combine joggers with a jacket, especially a leather jacket. They go well with tank tops, short sleeves, and oversize shirts, adding accessories such as sunglasses, hats, and sandals.


Wear Leggings with Sneakers

Leggings, when combined with sneakers, give excellent results. Remember that it is a very versatile and comfortable garment. It can be use both in summer and winter and is usually worn with a long shirt or sweater.

The most important thing is that you know how to choose the colors. The safest way to wear these two pieces is for them to be the same color, especially the dark ones. Or, failing that, they are neutral tones.

In addition, you can combine them between colors of the same range so that the look looks more harmonious. A solution that also gives you a touch of style is to use laces in the shade of one of the garments you wear.

But if your style is more daring, choose bright-colored sneakers and wear them with matching leggings. Also, mix them with neutral leggings, prints, or striking textures. With extra color, they will look better.

Tips for Wearing Men’s Sweatpants

Men have also joined this trend for some time. As in the case of women with the combinations of pieces, they are given the informal or formal touch that is require.

For a formal and elegant look, wear gray, black, or blue sweatpants and a knitted dress shirt. You can also match them with a sweater or a jacket and complement them with simple loafers or oxfords.

On nights out, they work well in dark colors with a dress shirt or a V-neck sweater. The key to looking formal in these cases is layering, that is, having several elements from the waist up. In addition to the shirt, you can add a jacket or a basic cardigan. Go for desert boots or suede Chelsea boots.

Generally, what is sought with this type of pants is ease and comfort. Opt for a polka dot shirt or sweatshirt with essential sneakers. Another option is khaki with a light sweater or sweatshirt complemented by white sneakers. You will attract eyes.

How to Wear Jogger Pants Men

This garment has some years of fashion and remains in men’s preferences. These were create to exercise like all the other models, but with the difference that they are light. They are wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, and most have elastic at the waist and ankles.

The essential combination is with a sweatshirt, but you will stand out if you wear flashy sneakers or combat boots. The idea is to differentiate the look of a day at the gym. You can add a leather jacket to highlight your style.

If you don’t have the right sports shoes, wear a denim shirt under it so that the collar and cuffs stand out, along with some Vans. Joggers also go well with body-hugging t-shirts or your size. Place the elastic of the pants above the ankles. Wear sneakers or loafers.

For a trendy look, wear them with a blazer, but be careful; the key is to use dark or neutral colors and combine them with a t-shirt or casual button-down shirt. To go further, add a scarf or a wool hat.