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What is Acrylic Powder For?

There are many ways to make nails longer and more assertive: gel nails, permanent manicures, and. The protagonists of this article, acrylic nails. We explain everything you need to know about acrylic nails and the acrylic powder you will need to do these nails.


What is Acrylic Powder, and what is it Used For?

Acrylic powder is used to create acrylic artificial nails. Which are extensions placed over the natural nail to achieve a larger size or desire shape. It does not need curing in a lamp since it dries when mixed with a monomer.

To create acrylic extensions, you can use both tips and molds. Thanks to the acrylic powder, you will be able to protect your nails better, and they will also be more resistant, and you will avoid breakage. It also allows you to rebuild damage or even broken nails.


What is the Difference Between Acrylic Nails and Gel Nails?

The main differences between acrylic nails and gel nails are:

  • The acrylic is mix with monomer, use on top of the nails with a mold and air-drying. Instead, gel nails are dire in a lamp.
  • Acrylic is a more rigid material than gel, so that it can be ideal for long structures or clients with breakage problems.
  • The gel is very elastic and is more resistant in the case of weak nails.

Discover Molly Lac Colored Acrylics

Our colored acrylic powders are use to achieve different nail styles, from traditional French to baby boomers. This super fine acrylic powder has the characteristic of having unique colors.

They contain a unique anti-yellow formula. When joined with the monomer, it has a creamy texture, very flexible and self-leveling. Its recipe makes extended nails more durable, so they don’t break or crack. They perfectly mask all discolorations on the natural nail plate.


How Does Acrylic Nail Powder Work?

The mixture of these two components causes a chemical reaction such that a small plastic ball is form that progressively solidifies when it comes into contact with air. This small ball is moldable and very flexible so that you can give it the desired shape. In this case, nail art is for feminine aesthetics (sometimes masculine aesthetics). However, due to the nature of these acrylics, it is necessary to act quickly before the mixture hardens. Otherwise, we will have wasted part of the product, and it will remain in an undesirable shape, which will not meet the customer’s expectations or they will be unusable.

This mass adheres very well to the nails and molds, so it can even be industrialize. It all depends on the work that the client or we want to do. Some do not need UV lamps for drying, and it is recommend to work in a godet (a glass or porcelain cup).


Who Generally Buys These Products More?

Most of us, if we want to have false nails. We go to a beauty salon, ask for an appointment with the manicurist, and she does the work for us. However, there are other parts in the industry, such as beauty salons, independent manicurists. Women who prefer to do it on their own or at a more macro level, and companies that manufacture and sell pre-designed false nails.


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