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Fashion photography is a division of photography that shows different styles of clothing, shoes, jewelry, or accessories in trend through artistic images. This type of photography is often seen in fashion magazines, advertisements, or editorials. If you want to know more about fashion photography, keep an eye on the following article because we will tell you everything about its styles and characteristics. In addition, we will give you some tips so that you can stand out in the industry.


What is Fashion Photography?

It is a photography specialty whose purpose is to show clothes or styles. In trend through artistic images that highlight various characteristics to be desirable or attractive to the target audience.

This type of photography requires the photographer and his team. To have special skills and knowledge in lighting, fashion, and art. In addition, they must have great talent and creativity to develop photographic pieces that stand out in the competitive fashion world.


Fashion Photography Styles

Within this wide range of fashion photography options and styles, there are five different types of photography, which we will explain below:

  • “Street Style” Photography
  • Backstage photography
  • Parade photography
  • Fashion advertising photography
  • Photography of fashion products

Characteristics of Fashion Photography

  • It is intended to draw the public’s attention and incite the desire to purchase the photographed product.
  • Mastery of technique and creativity are crucial to carrying out this profession.
  • The control of the staging and the stylist are fundamental elements to developing fashion photography successfully.
  • Lighting is one of the fundamental factors because it allows for managing the character of the photograph, as well as various aspects of the garments or models, such as fabrics, colors, brands, and textures.

Tips for Taking Fashion Photography – Platforms and the Great Fashion Photographers

Before developing a photo session, you must look for references on the style you want to reflect on and various compositions to find inspiration that will lead you to create the most beautiful combinations of colors and elements for your photographs. Also, do not hesitate to review the work of the most recognized photographers in the industry to find inspiration and use photography techniques that are in trend.

Create a Concept and Focus on the

Fashion photography has its discourse; for this reason, it is essential to define the concept of the campaign and photography to identify elements that must be consider to develop it successfully. This concept is usually associate with the brand’s essence and the collection’s style. However, even in many cases, the idea is provide by the fashion designer.


Do a Good Planning

In this industry, it is imperative to be very detail and cautious; for this reason. It is essential that before a photo session, you plan every detail of the photographs you want to take. The materials, the equipment, the costumes, the makeup, the models, the concepts, the scenery, etc. All elements must be previously chosen and prepare to be part of the session. It is important to be in constant communication with the production team to ensure that those factors that do not depend on you are align with the objectives of the photography that you want to develop.


Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Although true, it is crucial to know the latest trends to stand out in this medium. However, it would help if you recalled that you have total freedom to experiment and play with different styles and compositions. This is how you can achieve new trends and highlight your work in the fashion industry.

How can you identify it? Fashion photography is a very complex world full of challenges. It is essential that you always stay on top of the latest trends and do not be afraid to try new styles. Remember that fashion is very versatile and fleeting. Therefore, you must be willing to learn and dare to let your creativity fly constantly.



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